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Title Column Date
Early Days of Monterey Woman’s Civic Club Told in Old Papers 04-14-1950
A Local Arbor Day 04-17-1950
La Perouse Cypress 04-18-1950
A Pajaro Landowner 04-19-1950
Pioneer Rancher’s Will 04-20-1950
Early Days at the First Theater 04-21-1950
Early Monterey Home 04-24-1950
History of Pacific Grove Museum Outlined in Souvenir Publication 04-25-1950
More About the P. G. Museum 04-26-1950
History of the Abrego Adobe 04-27-1950
More on Old Monterey Adobes 04-28-1950
How the Casa Castro Adobe Was Raffled Off in 1848 05-01-1950
Mrs. John C. Fremont, A California Hostess 05-02-1950
Descendants of California Pioneers Visit Landmarks 05-03-1950
Some Old Clocks of Monterey 05-04-1950
Two Clocks From the Early Days 05-05-1950
A Letter From Colton’s Niece 05-08-1950
Adobe Once Sold for $7.50 05-09-1950
Casa Pacheco, Pacific Bldg. 05-10-1950
A Letter About Old Monterey 05-11-1950
History of the Mission Inn 05-12-1950
Boronda and Buelna Adobes 05-15-1950
The Story of the Dutra Tract 05-16-1950
A Complicated Land Title 05-17-1950
More About the Dutra Tract 05-18-1950
Old Pictures Help Trace History of Monterey 05-19-1950
W.R. Hutton, Early Surveyor 05-22-1950
Early Records Tell of City Business 05-23-1950
Early Meeting At Colton Hall 05-24-1950
How Monterey Looked in 1842 05-25-1950
Sir George Not Impressed With Monterey in 1842 05-26-1950
La Favorita’s Attendants Announced 05-29-1950
A Visit to Governor Alvarado 05-30-1950
An Active English Settler 05-31-1950
Father Serra Honored With Fine Ceremonies in 1891 06-01-1950
Serra Statue Unveiled in 1891 06-02-1950
Stevenson Memorial Gifts 06-05-1950
Warm Reception for Discovery 06-06-1950
Another Early Impression 06-07-1950
More On Menzies Journal 06-08-1950
Monterey Presidio in 1792 06-09-1950
Some Notes on Local Trees 06-12-1950
Monterey Pine Is Truly “Local” 06-13-1950
Sloat Monument Dedicated 06-14-1950
About the Anthony Family 06-15-1950
Early Visitors to Library 06-16-1950
The Old Washington Hotel 06-19-1950
Leasing a Theater 06-20-1950
Alberto Trescony 06-21-1950
When Alvarado Fled 06-22-1950