Peninsula Diary

Mayo Hayes O'Donnell at her desk

Historian and Journalist Mayo Hayes O’Donnell (1892-1978) wrote the column “Peninsula Diary” in The Herald from 1949 until 1970. The column was devoted to historical accounts of early California and the significance of Monterey in the early days of the state. O’Donnell’s half-century of work to preserve the history of Monterey earned her the title “Mrs. History”. For many years she served as the unpaid executive secretary of the Monterey History and Art Association and was an important leader and lifetime honorary director of the organization.

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Title Column Date PDF
(Thanksgiving Gatherings) 11-26-1949 11-26-1949.pdf56.15 KB
(History of History and Art News) 11-29-1949 11-29-1949.pdf59.6 KB
(Social Scene on Monterey Peninsula, Thanksgiving 1949) 11-30-1949 11-30-1949.pdf56.44 KB
(Colonel Fitch Retires as MHAA President) 12-01-1949 12-1-1949.pdf56.47 KB
('Great Women of California') 12-02-1949 12-2-1949.pdf58.3 KB
(Monterey Peninsula Society News) 12-03-1949 12-3-1949.pdf55.93 KB
(Monterey Peninsula Garden Club) 12-05-1949 12-5-1949.pdf54.22 KB
(Colonial Williamsburg) 12-06-1949 12-6-1949.pdf54.81 KB
(Donation of Larkin Material to MHAA) 12-07-1949 12-7-1949.pdf57.32 KB
(Henry Mellus Letter of 1846) 12-08-1949 12-8-1949.pdf87.84 KB
(Book Tells Story of Early Printing) 12-09-1949 12-9-1949.pdf54.73 KB
(Early Printing History continued) 12-10-1949 12-10-1949.pdf55.64 KB
(More on Monterey Peninsula Garden Club) 12-12-1949 12-12-1949.pdf52.7 KB
(Ferdinand Burgdorff Interview) 12-13-1949 12-13-1949.pdf54.12 KB
(Wight Family History) 12-14-1949 12-14-1949.pdf60.21 KB
(More Early Printing Histroy) 12-15-1949 12-15-1949.pdf55.63 KB
(Stories from the French Hotel) 12-16-1949 12-16-1949.pdf56.97 KB
(More History of Pioneer Press) 12-17-1949 12-17-1949.pdf58.68 KB
(Gutierrez Adobe Restoration) 12-19-1949 12-19-1949.pdf58.18 KB
(Colonel Fitch and Sir Francis Drake) 12-20-1949 12-20-1949.pdf53.61 KB
(Memorial Books at the Monterey Public Library) 12-21-1949 12-21-1949.pdf53.24 KB
(Christmas Cards Send Cheer) 12-23-1949 12-23-1949.pdf54.82 KB
(Christmas Comings and Goings) 12-24-1949 12-24-1949.pdf53.48 KB
(Christmas Reminiscences at Casa Soberanes) 12-27-1949 12-27-1949.pdf53.83 KB
(Christmas Gatherings Recounted) 12-28-1949 12-28-1949.pdf54.75 KB
(More Holiday Memories) 12-29-1949 12-29-1949.pdf51.94 KB
(Memorable Christmas Card from Thomas Norris) 12-30-1949 12-30-1949.pdf57.96 KB
(Art as Hobby of Peninsula Residents) 12-31-1949 12-31-1949.pdf55.22 KB
(Christmas Reminiscences 1949) 01-03-1950 1-3-1950.pdf52.89 KB
(Library of Congress Booklet on Gold Rush Centennial) 01-04-1950 1-4-1950.pdf81.1 KB
(Auduban Society Programs on the Peninsula) 01-05-1950 1-5-1950.pdf54.62 KB
(Notes from MHAA Meeting) 01-06-1950 1-6-1950.pdf55.68 KB
(Millie Birks' Donation to MHAA) 01-07-1950 1-7-1950.pdf55.83 KB
(Birks' Donation continued) 01-09-1950 1-9-1950.pdf57.04 KB
(Tidbits from Early Monterey) 01-10-1950 1-10-1950.pdf55.84 KB
(Eastern Star and Red Cross Join Forces on Peninsula) 01-11-1950 1-11-1950.pdf56.75 KB
(Adobes in Old Monterey) 01-12-1950 1-12-1950.pdf53.44 KB
(Early Mail Delivery in Monterey) 01-13-1950 1-13-1950.pdf76.42 KB
(Restoration of Alvarado Adobe) 01-14-1950 1-14-1950.pdf54.7 KB
(Monterey Cypress News, July 4, 1896) 01-16-1950 1-16-1950.pdf54.74 KB
(1896 Monterey Cypress News continued) 01-17-1950 1-17-1950.pdf58.31 KB
(Hotel Del Monte Reminisences) 01-18-1950 1-18-1950.pdf55.72 KB
Book Club Opened Way For First Library 01-23-1950 1-23-1950.pdf57.81 KB
More About Beginnings Of Monterey Library 01-24-1950 1-24-1950.pdf81.44 KB
Old Records Tell Of Library’s Beginning 01-25-1950 1-25-1950.pdf82.55 KB
Rare Books Presented to History And Art Ass’n 01-26-1950 1-26-1950.pdf79.52 KB
Don’t Miss Exhibition at The Stevenson House 01-27-1950 1-27-1950.pdf78.84 KB
Describe Cooking Area 01-30-1950 1-30-1950.pdf82.29 KB
Garden Club History 01-31-1950 1-31-1950.pdf80.83 KB
Founding of History And Art Ass’n Recalled 02-01-1950 2-1-1950.pdf83.73 KB
History and Art 02-03-1950 2-3-1950.pdf83.57 KB
A Letter From Sutter: ‘I Can Pay in Pure Gold’ 02-06-1950 2-6-1950.pdf105.38 KB
Documents Tell About The Vasquez Adobe 02-07-1950 2-7-1950.pdf81.96 KB
First Days of Our City 02-09-1950 2-9-1950.pdf80.22 KB
Colton Hall School Days 02-13-1950 2-13-1950.pdf82.46 KB
From Old Handbook 02-14-1950 2-14-1950.pdf81.04 KB
Handbook Gleanings 02-15-1950 2-15-1950.pdf79.72 KB
Trees Decided Issue 02-16-1950 2-16-1950.pdf79.08 KB
The Chinese Pioneers 02-17-1950 2-17-1950.pdf102.34 KB
The Old Narrow Gauge 02-20-1950 2-20-1950.pdf79.15 KB
A Little Railroad Gets Swallowed Up 02-21-1950 2-21-1950.pdf82.05 KB
The Long Story Behind The Underwood Adobe 02-22-1950 2-22-1950.pdf82.42 KB
The Museum’s History 02-23-1950 2-23-1950.pdf82.95 KB
‘Equal to the Best’ 02-24-1950 2-24-1950.pdf82.4 KB
Mementos of RLS 02-27-1950 2-27-1950.pdf82.12 KB
Monterey’s Charter 02-28-1950 2-28-1950.pdf81.47 KB
A Life of Hartnell 03-01-1950 3-1-1950.pdf104.81 KB
Lizzie Bingham, Pioneer Actress 03-02-1950 3-2-1950.pdf111.74 KB
A Monterey Poet 03-03-1950 3-3-1950.pdf82.6 KB
Distinguished Visitors 03-06-1950 3-6-1950.pdf108.21 KB
Poem on a Door 03-07-1950 3-7-1950.pdf105.34 KB
A Few Old News Items 03-08-1950 3-8-1950.pdf104.99 KB
Vasquez the Bandit 03-09-1950 3-9-1950.pdf79.49 KB
Eggs for the Ball 03-10-1950 3-10-1950.pdf79.76 KB
When Land Was Cheap 03-13-1950 3-13-1950.pdf80.62 KB
The Old-Time Dances 03-14-1950 3-14-1950.pdf80.28 KB
The Amesti Adobe 03-15-1950 3-15-1950.pdf80.86 KB
A Narrow Escape 03-16-1950 3-16-1950.pdf86.19 KB
A Pair of Hinges 03-17-1950 3-17-1950.pdf81.8 KB
Long Trip to School 03-20-1950 3-20-1950.pdf81.04 KB
Off to School 03-21-1950 3-21-1950.pdf106.16 KB
A Scholar’s Progress 03-22-1950 3-22-1950.pdf105.71 KB
A Document of 1833 03-23-1950 3-23-1950.pdf81.31 KB
Invitation to a Ball 03-24-1950 3-24-1950.pdf78.69 KB
Castroville’s History 03-27-1950 3-27-1950.pdf106.97 KB
A Link With the Past 03-28-1950 3-28-1950.pdf83.36 KB
An Early School 03-29-1950 3-29-1950.pdf82.15 KB
John Swan’s Saga 03-30-1950 3-30-1950.pdf82.96 KB
Jack Swan Recalls 03-31-1950 3-31-1950.pdf81.58 KB
Old Monterey Recalled 04-03-1950 4-3-1950.pdf82.1 KB
Early Hospitals 04-05-1950 4-5-1950.pdf80.53 KB
Monterey Peninsula 04-07-1950 4-7-1950.pdf81.2 KB
California’s History Related by Dr. Hunt 04-13-1950 4-13-1950.pdf85.34 KB
Early Days of Monterey Woman’s Civic Club Told in Old Papers 04-14-1950 4-14-1950.pdf85.54 KB
A Local Arbor Day 04-17-1950 4-17-1950.pdf79.96 KB
La Perouse Cypress 04-18-1950 4-18-1950.pdf81.88 KB
Early Days at the First Theater 04-21-1950 4-21-1950.pdf85.47 KB
Early Monterey Home 04-24-1950 4-24-1950.pdf84.3 KB
History of Pacific Grove Museum Outlined in Souvenir Publication 04-25-1950 4-25-1950.pdf81.69 KB
More About the P. G. Museum 04-26-1950 4-26-1950.pdf83.54 KB
More on Old Monterey Adobes 04-28-1950 4-28-1950.pdf89.07 KB
Mrs. John C. Fremont, A California Hostess 05-02-1950 5-2-1950.pdf83.79 KB
A Letter From Colton’s Niece 05-08-1950 5-8-1950.pdf84.4 KB
Adobe Once Sold for $7.50 05-09-1950 5-9-1950.pdf85.25 KB
The Story of the Dutra Tract 05-16-1950 5-16-1950.pdf81.45 KB
More About the Dutra Tract 05-18-1950 5-18-1950.pdf80.63 KB
About the Anthony Family 06-15-1950 6-15-1950.pdf81.77 KB
Early Architecture 06-23-1950 6-23-1950.pdf81.01 KB
First Frame House 07-27-1950 7-27-1950.pdf105.96 KB
The Old Gutierrez Adobe 07-28-1950 7-28-1950.pdf84.02 KB
Portola’s Journey 08-02-1950 8-2-1950.pdf83.29 KB
The Cordua Memoirs 08-14-1950 8-14-1950.pdf84.23 KB
A Local Pilgrimage 08-25-1950 8-25-1950.pdf82 KB
A Visit to Dona Ignacia 09-22-1950 9-22-1950.pdf81.17 KB
A White Lace Dress from Paris 10-24-1950 10-24-1950.pdf81.14 KB
A New Stevenson Book Is Published 10-26-1950 10-26-1950.pdf84 KB
The Lady Carpenter of Monterey 11-06-1950 11-6-1950.pdf79.84 KB
The Life of a Whaling Man’s Wife 11-07-1950 11-7-1950.pdf80.51 KB
Little of This ‘n That 01-15-1951 1-15-1951.pdf81.49 KB
‘By Divine Graciousness’ 02-02-1951 2-2-1951.pdf79.01 KB
The Sanchez Estate Case 03-19-1951 3-19-1951.pdf80.28 KB
Career of Crime 03-20-1951 3-20-1951.pdf79.7 KB
‘Two Little Nuns’ 05-10-1951 5-10-1951.pdf79.21 KB
With a High Grey Beaver Hat And a Red Bandana Handkerchief 06-26-1951 6-26-1951.pdf83.14 KB
The Capture of Andrea Laing 06-27-1951 6-27-1951.pdf80.03 KB
Wild and Wooly Whiskey Hill 06-28-1951 6-28-1951.pdf79.84 KB
As Scarce As Alligators 07-27-1951 7-27-1951.pdf78.94 KB
Restored With Restraint 08-17-1951 8-17-1951.pdf83.16 KB
Berwick Orchard 10-24-1951 10-24-1951.pdf79.8 KB
Revolts Are in Order In November 11-01-1951 11-1-1951.pdf83.16 KB
Digging for Facts 11-02-1951 11-2-1951.pdf79.37 KB
Paradise Changes Hands 11-05-1951 11-5-1951.pdf80.7 KB
Bags of Gold And Bales of Merchandise 11-06-1951 11-6-1951.pdf82.28 KB
California’s Great Seal And the Grizzlies 11-07-1951 11-7-1951.pdf83.54 KB
Early Impressions Of the Great Seal 11-08-1951 11-8-1951.pdf83.15 KB
More About the Great Seal 11-09-1951 11-9-1951.pdf81.44 KB
The End of the Great Seal 11-12-1951 11-12-1951.pdf79.27 KB
WANTED: To Bite a Man – Bulldog of Bad Disposition 11-28-1951 11-28-1951.pdf82.08 KB
December Remembrances 11-29-1951 11-29-1951.pdf80.95 KB
To The Lowly ... a Vision 12-07-1951 12-7-1951.pdf82.44 KB
Mother Goose In the 19th Century 12-10-1951 12-10-1951.pdf107.26 KB
Mother-in-law-Goose 12-11-1951 12-11-1951.pdf108.5 KB
Red Tape And Father Serra 12-12-1951 12-12-1951.pdf80.78 KB
Fifty Famous Faces, Mary, And Another Little Goose 12-26-1951 12-26-1951.pdf80.83 KB
Astride the Silent Steed 03-11-1952 3-11-19520.pdf76.81 KB
Camels on Alvarado Street 04-03-1952 4-3-1952.pdf79.99 KB
Camels vs Mules 04-04-1952 4-4-1952.pdf78.88 KB
Government Camel 04-07-1952 4-7-1952.pdf79.25 KB
Lynching Recorded In Old Diary 12-01-1952 12-1-1952.pdf79.2 KB
Monterey’s Early Adobes 03-06-1953 3-6-1953.pdf79.12 KB
Artists Mentioned in Cypress 02-08-1954 2-8-1954.pdf81.08 KB
She Lived in the Custom House 03-15-1954 3-15-1954.pdf79.74 KB
Adobe House Tour 07-18-1956 7-18-1956.pdf82.17 KB
Ruined Adobes Restored 08-27-1956 8-27-1956.pdf80.23 KB
Allied Arts Guild 09-17-1957 9-17-1957.pdf77.52 KB
‘Navidad and Pastorela’ 12-17-1958 12-17-1958.pdf79.09 KB
Making Adobe Bricks 02-06-1959 2-6-1959.pdf79.13 KB
Hacienda of The Week...Rancho San Lucas 05-09-1959 5-9-1959.pdf83.81 KB
Spanish Castle of Monterey 11-20-1959 11-20-1959.pdf77.49 KB
Photos Of Past 01-01-1960 1-1-1960.pdf79.25 KB
The Bouncing Railroad 01-04-1960 1-4-1960.pdf78.62 KB
Preserving Landmarks 01-06-1960 1-6-1960.pdf80.41 KB
Reconstructing The French Consulate 01-13-1960 1-13-1960.pdf79.36 KB
Ambition At The Consulate 01-15-1960 1-15-1960.pdf80.84 KB
A Famous Trowel 01-25-1960 1-25-1960.pdf82.92 KB
Historic Woods 01-29-1960 1-29-1960.pdf85.43 KB
A Report From Spain 02-01-1960 2-1-1960.pdf76.03 KB
Early-Day Libraries 02-03-1960 2-3-1960.pdf80.85 KB
An Old Christmas Play 02-10-1960 2-10-1960.pdf82.4 KB
New Historical Landmark 02-12-1960 2-12-1960.pdf110.77 KB
Juan Cabrillo 02-15-1960 2-15-1960.pdf79.71 KB
Historical Music Series 02-17-1960 2-17-1960.pdf82.64 KB
California Land Titles 02-19-1960 2-19-1960.pdf79.04 KB
Los Pastores Relived 02-22-1960 2-22-1960.pdf82.83 KB
A Busy Organization 02-23-1960 2-23-1960.pdf79.66 KB
Early California Mails 02-26-1960 2-26-1960.pdf81.85 KB
A Name For Eusebio 03-02-1960 3-2-1960.pdf101.09 KB
The Angels Sang 03-04-1960 3-4-1960.pdf102.26 KB
The Indians Listened 03-07-1960 3-7-1960.pdf79.95 KB
Mexican View Of Monterey 03-09-1960 3-9-1960.pdf84.53 KB
Historical Society Tours 03-11-1960 3-11-1960.pdf106.16 KB
A Visit on Mallorca 03-18-1960 3-18-1960.pdf81.65 KB
USO In Its 19th Year 03-22-1960 3-22-1960.pdf80.44 KB
Father Junipero Serra 03-25-1960 3-25-1960.pdf79.12 KB
Junipero Serra’s Birthday 03-28-1960 3-28-1960.pdf78.63 KB
The Old Night Pasture 03-30-1960 3-30-1960.pdf82.5 KB
Pictures Of Old Monterey 04-01-1960 4-1-1960.pdf82.11 KB
Buried Outlaw Treasures 04-04-1960 4-4-1960.pdf80.87 KB
Year Of American Travel 04-08-1960 4-8-1960.pdf80.55 KB
Pioneer Minister 04-15-1960 4-15-1960.pdf79.09 KB
An Historic Adobe Home 04-19-1960 4-19-1960.pdf79.91 KB
Old Peninsula Magazine 04-22-1960 4-22-1960.pdf82.63 KB
Correspondence 04-25-1960 4-25-1960.pdf78.36 KB
The 31st Star In The Flag 04-27-1960 4-27-1960.pdf82.54 KB
Dining On The Flatcars 05-02-1960 5-2-1960.pdf81.03 KB
The Old Sebastian Store 05-04-1960 5-4-1960.pdf79.65 KB
1960 Keepsake 05-05-1960 5-5-1960.pdf80.81 KB
Historical Conference 05-13-1960 5-13-1960.pdf79.47 KB
Spanish Exhibit 05-17-1960 5-17-1960.pdf79.25 KB
An 1876 Look at Carmel Coast 05-19-1960 5-19-1960.pdf80.83 KB