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(Thanksgiving Gatherings) 11-26-1949 11-26-1949.pdf56.15 KB

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Title Column Date
More About History And Art Association 02-02-1950
History and Art 02-03-1950
A Letter From Sutter: ‘I Can Pay in Pure Gold’ 02-06-1950
Documents Tell About The Vasquez Adobe 02-07-1950
First Days of Our City 02-09-1950
100-Year Old “Issues” 02-10-1950
Colton Hall School Days 02-13-1950
From Old Handbook 02-14-1950
Handbook Gleanings 02-15-1950
Trees Decided Issue 02-16-1950
The Chinese Pioneers 02-17-1950
The Old Narrow Gauge 02-20-1950
A Little Railroad Gets Swallowed Up 02-21-1950
The Long Story Behind The Underwood Adobe 02-22-1950
The Museum’s History 02-23-1950
‘Equal to the Best’ 02-24-1950
Mementos of RLS 02-27-1950
Monterey’s Charter 02-28-1950
A Life of Hartnell 03-01-1950
Lizzie Bingham, Pioneer Actress 03-02-1950
A Monterey Poet 03-03-1950
Distinguished Visitors 03-06-1950
Poem on a Door 03-07-1950
A Few Old News Items 03-08-1950
Vasquez the Bandit 03-09-1950
Eggs for the Ball 03-10-1950
When Land Was Cheap 03-13-1950
The Old-Time Dances 03-14-1950
The Amesti Adobe 03-15-1950
A Narrow Escape 03-16-1950
A Pair of Hinges 03-17-1950
Long Trip to School 03-20-1950
Off to School 03-21-1950
A Scholar’s Progress 03-22-1950
A Document of 1833 03-23-1950
Invitation to a Ball 03-24-1950
Castroville’s History 03-27-1950
A Link With the Past 03-28-1950
An Early School 03-29-1950
John Swan’s Saga 03-30-1950
Jack Swan Recalls 03-31-1950
Old Monterey Recalled 04-03-1950
He Baked Flower Pots 04-04-1950
Early Hospitals 04-05-1950
Some Early Doctors 04-06-1950
Monterey Peninsula 04-07-1950
The Great Seal of Monterey 04-10-1950
First Centennial 04-11-1950
Early Country Doctor 04-12-1950
California’s History Related by Dr. Hunt 04-13-1950