Peninsula Diary Columns

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Title Column Date PDF
(Thanksgiving Gatherings) 11-26-1949 11-26-1949.pdf56.15 KB
(History of History and Art News) 11-29-1949 11-29-1949.pdf59.6 KB
(Social Scene on Monterey Peninsula, Thanksgiving 1949) 11-30-1949 11-30-1949.pdf56.44 KB
(Colonel Fitch Retires as MHAA President) 12-01-1949 12-1-1949.pdf56.47 KB
('Great Women of California') 12-02-1949 12-2-1949.pdf58.3 KB
(Monterey Peninsula Society News) 12-03-1949 12-3-1949.pdf55.93 KB
(Monterey Peninsula Garden Club) 12-05-1949 12-5-1949.pdf54.22 KB
(Colonial Williamsburg) 12-06-1949 12-6-1949.pdf54.81 KB
(Donation of Larkin Material to MHAA) 12-07-1949 12-7-1949.pdf57.32 KB
(Henry Mellus Letter of 1846) 12-08-1949 12-8-1949.pdf87.84 KB
(Book Tells Story of Early Printing) 12-09-1949 12-9-1949.pdf54.73 KB
(Early Printing History continued) 12-10-1949 12-10-1949.pdf55.64 KB
(More on Monterey Peninsula Garden Club) 12-12-1949 12-12-1949.pdf52.7 KB
(Ferdinand Burgdorff Interview) 12-13-1949 12-13-1949.pdf54.12 KB
(Wight Family History) 12-14-1949 12-14-1949.pdf60.21 KB
(More Early Printing Histroy) 12-15-1949 12-15-1949.pdf55.63 KB
(Stories from the French Hotel) 12-16-1949 12-16-1949.pdf56.97 KB
(More History of Pioneer Press) 12-17-1949 12-17-1949.pdf58.68 KB
(Gutierrez Adobe Restoration) 12-19-1949 12-19-1949.pdf58.18 KB
(Colonel Fitch and Sir Francis Drake) 12-20-1949 12-20-1949.pdf53.61 KB
(Memorial Books at the Monterey Public Library) 12-21-1949 12-21-1949.pdf53.24 KB
(Christmas Cards Send Cheer) 12-23-1949 12-23-1949.pdf54.82 KB
(Christmas Comings and Goings) 12-24-1949 12-24-1949.pdf53.48 KB
(Christmas Reminiscences at Casa Soberanes) 12-27-1949 12-27-1949.pdf53.83 KB
(Christmas Gatherings Recounted) 12-28-1949 12-28-1949.pdf54.75 KB
(More Holiday Memories) 12-29-1949 12-29-1949.pdf51.94 KB
(Memorable Christmas Card from Thomas Norris) 12-30-1949 12-30-1949.pdf57.96 KB
(Art as Hobby of Peninsula Residents) 12-31-1949 12-31-1949.pdf55.22 KB
(Christmas Reminiscences 1949) 01-03-1950 1-3-1950.pdf52.89 KB
(Library of Congress Booklet on Gold Rush Centennial) 01-04-1950 1-4-1950.pdf81.1 KB
(Auduban Society Programs on the Peninsula) 01-05-1950 1-5-1950.pdf54.62 KB
(Notes from MHAA Meeting) 01-06-1950 1-6-1950.pdf55.68 KB
(Millie Birks' Donation to MHAA) 01-07-1950 1-7-1950.pdf55.83 KB
(Birks' Donation continued) 01-09-1950 1-9-1950.pdf57.04 KB
(Tidbits from Early Monterey) 01-10-1950 1-10-1950.pdf55.84 KB
(Eastern Star and Red Cross Join Forces on Peninsula) 01-11-1950 1-11-1950.pdf56.75 KB
(Adobes in Old Monterey) 01-12-1950 1-12-1950.pdf53.44 KB
(Early Mail Delivery in Monterey) 01-13-1950 1-13-1950.pdf76.42 KB
(Restoration of Alvarado Adobe) 01-14-1950 1-14-1950.pdf54.7 KB
(Monterey Cypress News, July 4, 1896) 01-16-1950 1-16-1950.pdf54.74 KB
(1896 Monterey Cypress News continued) 01-17-1950 1-17-1950.pdf58.31 KB
(Hotel Del Monte Reminisences) 01-18-1950 1-18-1950.pdf55.72 KB
Book Club Opened Way For First Library 01-23-1950 1-23-1950.pdf57.81 KB
More About Beginnings Of Monterey Library 01-24-1950 1-24-1950.pdf81.44 KB
Old Records Tell Of Library’s Beginning 01-25-1950 1-25-1950.pdf82.55 KB
Rare Books Presented to History And Art Ass’n 01-26-1950 1-26-1950.pdf79.52 KB
Don’t Miss Exhibition at The Stevenson House 01-27-1950 1-27-1950.pdf78.84 KB
Describe Cooking Area 01-30-1950 1-30-1950.pdf82.29 KB
Garden Club History 01-31-1950 1-31-1950.pdf80.83 KB
Founding of History And Art Ass’n Recalled 02-01-1950 2-1-1950.pdf83.73 KB
History and Art 02-03-1950 2-3-1950.pdf83.57 KB
A Letter From Sutter: ‘I Can Pay in Pure Gold’ 02-06-1950 2-6-1950.pdf105.38 KB
Documents Tell About The Vasquez Adobe 02-07-1950 2-7-1950.pdf81.96 KB
First Days of Our City 02-09-1950 2-9-1950.pdf80.22 KB
Colton Hall School Days 02-13-1950 2-13-1950.pdf82.46 KB
From Old Handbook 02-14-1950 2-14-1950.pdf81.04 KB
Handbook Gleanings 02-15-1950 2-15-1950.pdf79.72 KB
Trees Decided Issue 02-16-1950 2-16-1950.pdf79.08 KB
The Chinese Pioneers 02-17-1950 2-17-1950.pdf102.34 KB
The Old Narrow Gauge 02-20-1950 2-20-1950.pdf79.15 KB
A Little Railroad Gets Swallowed Up 02-21-1950 2-21-1950.pdf82.05 KB
The Long Story Behind The Underwood Adobe 02-22-1950 2-22-1950.pdf82.42 KB
The Museum’s History 02-23-1950 2-23-1950.pdf82.95 KB
‘Equal to the Best’ 02-24-1950 2-24-1950.pdf82.4 KB
Mementos of RLS 02-27-1950 2-27-1950.pdf82.12 KB
Monterey’s Charter 02-28-1950 2-28-1950.pdf81.47 KB
A Life of Hartnell 03-01-1950 3-1-1950.pdf104.81 KB
Lizzie Bingham, Pioneer Actress 03-02-1950 3-2-1950.pdf111.74 KB
A Monterey Poet 03-03-1950 3-3-1950.pdf82.6 KB
Distinguished Visitors 03-06-1950 3-6-1950.pdf108.21 KB
Poem on a Door 03-07-1950 3-7-1950.pdf105.34 KB
A Few Old News Items 03-08-1950 3-8-1950.pdf104.99 KB
Vasquez the Bandit 03-09-1950 3-9-1950.pdf79.49 KB
Eggs for the Ball 03-10-1950 3-10-1950.pdf79.76 KB
When Land Was Cheap 03-13-1950 3-13-1950.pdf80.62 KB
The Old-Time Dances 03-14-1950 3-14-1950.pdf80.28 KB
The Amesti Adobe 03-15-1950 3-15-1950.pdf80.86 KB
A Narrow Escape 03-16-1950 3-16-1950.pdf86.19 KB
A Pair of Hinges 03-17-1950 3-17-1950.pdf81.8 KB
Long Trip to School 03-20-1950 3-20-1950.pdf81.04 KB
Off to School 03-21-1950 3-21-1950.pdf106.16 KB
A Scholar’s Progress 03-22-1950 3-22-1950.pdf105.71 KB
A Document of 1833 03-23-1950 3-23-1950.pdf81.31 KB
Invitation to a Ball 03-24-1950 3-24-1950.pdf78.69 KB
Castroville’s History 03-27-1950 3-27-1950.pdf106.97 KB
A Link With the Past 03-28-1950 3-28-1950.pdf83.36 KB
An Early School 03-29-1950 3-29-1950.pdf82.15 KB
John Swan’s Saga 03-30-1950 3-30-1950.pdf82.96 KB
Jack Swan Recalls 03-31-1950 3-31-1950.pdf81.58 KB
Old Monterey Recalled 04-03-1950 4-3-1950.pdf82.1 KB
Early Hospitals 04-05-1950 4-5-1950.pdf80.53 KB
Monterey Peninsula 04-07-1950 4-7-1950.pdf81.2 KB
California’s History Related by Dr. Hunt 04-13-1950 4-13-1950.pdf85.34 KB
Early Days of Monterey Woman’s Civic Club Told in Old Papers 04-14-1950 4-14-1950.pdf85.54 KB
A Local Arbor Day 04-17-1950 4-17-1950.pdf79.96 KB
La Perouse Cypress 04-18-1950 4-18-1950.pdf81.88 KB
Early Days at the First Theater 04-21-1950 4-21-1950.pdf85.47 KB
Early Monterey Home 04-24-1950 4-24-1950.pdf84.3 KB
History of Pacific Grove Museum Outlined in Souvenir Publication 04-25-1950 4-25-1950.pdf81.69 KB
More About the P. G. Museum 04-26-1950 4-26-1950.pdf83.54 KB
More on Old Monterey Adobes 04-28-1950 4-28-1950.pdf89.07 KB
Mrs. John C. Fremont, A California Hostess 05-02-1950 5-2-1950.pdf83.79 KB
A Letter From Colton’s Niece 05-08-1950 5-8-1950.pdf84.4 KB
Adobe Once Sold for $7.50 05-09-1950 5-9-1950.pdf85.25 KB
The Story of the Dutra Tract 05-16-1950 5-16-1950.pdf81.45 KB
More About the Dutra Tract 05-18-1950 5-18-1950.pdf80.63 KB
About the Anthony Family 06-15-1950 6-15-1950.pdf81.77 KB
Early Architecture 06-23-1950 6-23-1950.pdf81.01 KB
First Frame House 07-27-1950 7-27-1950.pdf105.96 KB
The Old Gutierrez Adobe 07-28-1950 7-28-1950.pdf84.02 KB
Portola’s Journey 08-02-1950 8-2-1950.pdf83.29 KB
The Cordua Memoirs 08-14-1950 8-14-1950.pdf84.23 KB
A Local Pilgrimage 08-25-1950 8-25-1950.pdf82 KB
A Visit to Dona Ignacia 09-22-1950 9-22-1950.pdf81.17 KB
A White Lace Dress from Paris 10-24-1950 10-24-1950.pdf81.14 KB
A New Stevenson Book Is Published 10-26-1950 10-26-1950.pdf84 KB
The Lady Carpenter of Monterey 11-06-1950 11-6-1950.pdf79.84 KB
The Life of a Whaling Man’s Wife 11-07-1950 11-7-1950.pdf80.51 KB
Little of This ‘n That 01-15-1951 1-15-1951.pdf81.49 KB
‘By Divine Graciousness’ 02-02-1951 2-2-1951.pdf79.01 KB
The Sanchez Estate Case 03-19-1951 3-19-1951.pdf80.28 KB
Career of Crime 03-20-1951 3-20-1951.pdf79.7 KB
‘Two Little Nuns’ 05-10-1951 5-10-1951.pdf79.21 KB
With a High Grey Beaver Hat And a Red Bandana Handkerchief 06-26-1951 6-26-1951.pdf83.14 KB
The Capture of Andrea Laing 06-27-1951 6-27-1951.pdf80.03 KB
Wild and Wooly Whiskey Hill 06-28-1951 6-28-1951.pdf79.84 KB
As Scarce As Alligators 07-27-1951 7-27-1951.pdf78.94 KB
Restored With Restraint 08-17-1951 8-17-1951.pdf83.16 KB
Berwick Orchard 10-24-1951 10-24-1951.pdf79.8 KB
Revolts Are in Order In November 11-01-1951 11-1-1951.pdf83.16 KB
Digging for Facts 11-02-1951 11-2-1951.pdf79.37 KB
Paradise Changes Hands 11-05-1951 11-5-1951.pdf80.7 KB
Bags of Gold And Bales of Merchandise 11-06-1951 11-6-1951.pdf82.28 KB
California’s Great Seal And the Grizzlies 11-07-1951 11-7-1951.pdf83.54 KB
Early Impressions Of the Great Seal 11-08-1951 11-8-1951.pdf83.15 KB
More About the Great Seal 11-09-1951 11-9-1951.pdf81.44 KB
The End of the Great Seal 11-12-1951 11-12-1951.pdf79.27 KB
WANTED: To Bite a Man – Bulldog of Bad Disposition 11-28-1951 11-28-1951.pdf82.08 KB
December Remembrances 11-29-1951 11-29-1951.pdf80.95 KB
To The Lowly ... a Vision 12-07-1951 12-7-1951.pdf82.44 KB
Mother Goose In the 19th Century 12-10-1951 12-10-1951.pdf107.26 KB
Mother-in-law-Goose 12-11-1951 12-11-1951.pdf108.5 KB
Red Tape And Father Serra 12-12-1951 12-12-1951.pdf80.78 KB
Fifty Famous Faces, Mary, And Another Little Goose 12-26-1951 12-26-1951.pdf80.83 KB
Astride the Silent Steed 03-11-1952 3-11-19520.pdf76.81 KB
Camels on Alvarado Street 04-03-1952 4-3-1952.pdf79.99 KB
Camels vs Mules 04-04-1952 4-4-1952.pdf78.88 KB
Government Camel 04-07-1952 4-7-1952.pdf79.25 KB
Lynching Recorded In Old Diary 12-01-1952 12-1-1952.pdf79.2 KB
Monterey’s Early Adobes 03-06-1953 3-6-1953.pdf79.12 KB
Artists Mentioned in Cypress 02-08-1954 2-8-1954.pdf81.08 KB
She Lived in the Custom House 03-15-1954 3-15-1954.pdf79.74 KB
Adobe House Tour 07-18-1956 7-18-1956.pdf82.17 KB
Ruined Adobes Restored 08-27-1956 8-27-1956.pdf80.23 KB
Allied Arts Guild 09-17-1957 9-17-1957.pdf77.52 KB
‘Navidad and Pastorela’ 12-17-1958 12-17-1958.pdf79.09 KB
Making Adobe Bricks 02-06-1959 2-6-1959.pdf79.13 KB
Hacienda of The Week...Rancho San Lucas 05-09-1959 5-9-1959.pdf83.81 KB
Spanish Castle of Monterey 11-20-1959 11-20-1959.pdf77.49 KB
Photos Of Past 01-01-1960 1-1-1960.pdf79.25 KB
The Bouncing Railroad 01-04-1960 1-4-1960.pdf78.62 KB
Preserving Landmarks 01-06-1960 1-6-1960.pdf80.41 KB
Reconstructing The French Consulate 01-13-1960 1-13-1960.pdf79.36 KB
Ambition At The Consulate 01-15-1960 1-15-1960.pdf80.84 KB
A Famous Trowel 01-25-1960 1-25-1960.pdf82.92 KB
Historic Woods 01-29-1960 1-29-1960.pdf85.43 KB
A Report From Spain 02-01-1960 2-1-1960.pdf76.03 KB
Early-Day Libraries 02-03-1960 2-3-1960.pdf80.85 KB
An Old Christmas Play 02-10-1960 2-10-1960.pdf82.4 KB
New Historical Landmark 02-12-1960 2-12-1960.pdf110.77 KB
Juan Cabrillo 02-15-1960 2-15-1960.pdf79.71 KB
Historical Music Series 02-17-1960 2-17-1960.pdf82.64 KB
California Land Titles 02-19-1960 2-19-1960.pdf79.04 KB
Los Pastores Relived 02-22-1960 2-22-1960.pdf82.83 KB
A Busy Organization 02-23-1960 2-23-1960.pdf79.66 KB
Early California Mails 02-26-1960 2-26-1960.pdf81.85 KB
A Name For Eusebio 03-02-1960 3-2-1960.pdf101.09 KB
The Angels Sang 03-04-1960 3-4-1960.pdf102.26 KB
The Indians Listened 03-07-1960 3-7-1960.pdf79.95 KB
Mexican View Of Monterey 03-09-1960 3-9-1960.pdf84.53 KB
Historical Society Tours 03-11-1960 3-11-1960.pdf106.16 KB
A Visit on Mallorca 03-18-1960 3-18-1960.pdf81.65 KB
USO In Its 19th Year 03-22-1960 3-22-1960.pdf80.44 KB
Father Junipero Serra 03-25-1960 3-25-1960.pdf79.12 KB
Junipero Serra’s Birthday 03-28-1960 3-28-1960.pdf78.63 KB
The Old Night Pasture 03-30-1960 3-30-1960.pdf82.5 KB
Pictures Of Old Monterey 04-01-1960 4-1-1960.pdf82.11 KB
Buried Outlaw Treasures 04-04-1960 4-4-1960.pdf80.87 KB
Year Of American Travel 04-08-1960 4-8-1960.pdf80.55 KB
Pioneer Minister 04-15-1960 4-15-1960.pdf79.09 KB
An Historic Adobe Home 04-19-1960 4-19-1960.pdf79.91 KB
Old Peninsula Magazine 04-22-1960 4-22-1960.pdf82.63 KB
Correspondence 04-25-1960 4-25-1960.pdf78.36 KB
The 31st Star In The Flag 04-27-1960 4-27-1960.pdf82.54 KB
Dining On The Flatcars 05-02-1960 5-2-1960.pdf81.03 KB
The Old Sebastian Store 05-04-1960 5-4-1960.pdf79.65 KB
1960 Keepsake 05-05-1960 5-5-1960.pdf80.81 KB
Historical Conference 05-13-1960 5-13-1960.pdf79.47 KB
Spanish Exhibit 05-17-1960 5-17-1960.pdf79.25 KB
An 1876 Look at Carmel Coast 05-19-1960 5-19-1960.pdf80.83 KB

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