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Noticias del Puerto de Monterey

Noticias Vol. 1 No. 1

Noticias del Puerto de Monterey (titled Noticias de Monterey in part of 2005 and 2006), was a quarterly newsletter of Monterey history published by the Monterey History and Art Association from 1957 and until 2009. Over the years, the quarterly publication became irregular, and after a one-year gap in 2007 a very large 50th anniversary commemorative issue was published. Noticias articles generally address people, places, and events in and around Monterey. The articles were researched and written by local historians and/or knowledgeable members of the Association. The Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library holds a complete set of Noticias. All but a few issues are available here as searchable PDF files. A text index for 1968 through 2000 and a table of contents for 1957 through 1966 are avilable here and at MHOD.

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Peninsula Diary

Historian and Journalist Mayo Hayes O’Donnell (1892-1978) wrote the column “Peninsula Diary” in the Monterey Peninsula Herald from 1949 until 1970. The column was devoted to historical accounts of early California and the significance of Monterey in the early days of the state.

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Mayo Hayes O'Donnell preparing her newspaper column in San Jose


2529 columns are transcribed, uploaded and searchable on this site.

Title Column Date PDF
Crater Lake 07-05-1957 7-5-1957.pdf80.1 KB
The Flag-Raising 07-11-1957 7-11-1957.pdf80.51 KB
Wayside Parks 07-12-1957 7-12-1957.pdf80.71 KB
History Never Stops 07-15-1957 7-15-1957.pdf81.89 KB
Vallejo’s Speech 07-19-1957 7-19-1957.pdf82.75 KB
The Adobe Tour 07-22-1957 7-22-1957.pdf80.14 KB
Hawaiians in California 07-24-1957 7-24-1957.pdf81.24 KB
A New Curator 07-26-1957 7-26-1957.pdf80.23 KB
The First ‘Skyscraper’ 07-29-1957 7-29-1957.pdf83.85 KB
Historic Sites Threatened 07-31-1957 7-31-1957.pdf81.44 KB
The Seal Of Monterey 06-26-1967 6-26-1967.pdf77.39 KB
Monterey’s Seal 03-12-1956 3-12-1956.pdf78.98 KB
Invitation to a Monterey Ball 04-25-1967 4-25-1967.pdf77.65 KB
New Attraction At San Jose 06-22-1966 6-22-1966.pdf77.33 KB
Visitors From Chicago 07-25-1955 7-25-1955.pdf79.65 KB
Early Day Garnerings 08-16-1968 8-16-1968.pdf79.91 KB
Militant Garden Club 10-07-1964 10-7-1964.pdf78.85 KB
Storms, Whales 11-01-1965 11-1-1965.pdf77.16 KB
Roses in the Wilderness 12-15-1952 12-15-1952.pdf79.88 KB
Marine Writes From Korea 12-17-1952 12-17-1952.pdf80.81 KB
Christmas in Korea 12-19-1952 12-19-1952.pdf78.55 KB
Recipe for Turkey Stuffing 12-22-1952 12-22-1952.pdf78.16 KB
Nativity Pageant in Old Monterey 12-23-1952 12-23-1952.pdf80.78 KB
‘La Pastorela’ 12-26-1952 12-26-1952.pdf78.52 KB
The Courtship Of Manuelita 12-31-1952 12-31-1952.pdf78.87 KB
Off to Georgetown 01-02-1953 1-2-1953.pdf80.75 KB
No Liquor for the Indians 01-05-1953 1-5-1953.pdf80.35 KB
How Michael Spent Christmas 01-07-1953 1-7-1953.pdf80.1 KB
Shame on You, Nevada! 01-09-1953 1-9-1953.pdf77.64 KB
How Mark Twain Lost A Goldmine 01-12-1953 1-12-1953.pdf82.23 KB
New Gifts for the Stevenson House 01-14-1953 1-14-1953.pdf81.01 KB
More About Pattie 01-16-1953 1-16-1953.pdf79.98 KB
A Great Vaccinator 01-21-1953 1-21-1953.pdf79.38 KB
The Annual Meeting 01-23-1953 1-23-1953.pdf80.99 KB
The Daguerreotype 01-26-1953 1-26-1953.pdf80.36 KB
True Story of ‘Treasure Island’ 01-27-1953 1-27-1953.pdf79.7 KB
A Stevenson Story 01-28-1953 1-28-1953.pdf80.2 KB
An Old-time Newspaper 01-30-1953 1-30-1953.pdf80.33 KB
The Montgomery Block 02-02-1953 2-2-1953.pdf79.37 KB
Larkin’s Papers – 1845 02-09-1953 2-9-1953.pdf80.02 KB
Jacks Family Lore 02-13-1953 2-13-1953.pdf79.4 KB
This And That 02-16-1953 2-16-1953.pdf82.49 KB
Religious Heritage 02-18-1953 2-18-1953.pdf81.9 KB
Battle of Natividad 02-23-1953 2-23-1953.pdf80.14 KB
Women Given Recognition 02-27-1953 2-27-1953.pdf78.83 KB
Fame, Via Postal Route 03-02-1953 3-2-1953.pdf80.34 KB
Early Days of Monterey 03-04-1953 3-4-1953.pdf79.56 KB
Early Transportation 03-09-1953 3-9-1953.pdf77.58 KB
Restoring Mission Soledad 03-11-1953 3-11-1953.pdf79.67 KB
Interesting Tidbits 03-13-1953 3-13-1953.pdf79.73 KB
Friedrich Gerstacker 03-16-1953 3-16-1953.pdf80.72 KB
The Sherman Rose 03-18-1953 3-18-1953.pdf76.92 KB
Southern Mother Lode Towns 03-23-1953 3-23-1953.pdf81.22 KB
Stevenson House Visitors 03-27-1953 3-27-1953.pdf80.23 KB
The Missing Wall 04-01-1953 4-1-1953.pdf77.63 KB
Contribution to Aviation 04-03-1953 4-3-1953.pdf82.04 KB
Sutter’s Fort 04-08-1953 4-8-1953.pdf80.68 KB
The Early Whalers 04-20-1953 4-20-1953.pdf79.26 KB
Whales Leave Monterey 04-23-1953 4-23-1953.pdf81.6 KB
The Age of Gracious Living 09-02-1953 9-2-1953.pdf80.52 KB
Sutter Lured to New World 04-10-1953 4-10-1953.pdf79.88 KB
Sutter Family In New World 04-13-1953 4-13-1953.pdf83.25 KB
Casa Matema-Glass House 04-15-1953 4-15-1953.pdf79.96 KB
Vallejo Family 04-17-1953 4-17-1953.pdf78.4 KB
‘There She Blows’ 04-24-1953 4-24-1953.pdf79.32 KB
Children Enjoy History 04-29-1953 4-29-1953.pdf80.15 KB
‘Ten Commandments’ Gold Rush Days 05-01-1953 5-1-1953.pdf81.73 KB
Santa Barbara’s Legitimacy 05-04-1953 5-4-1953.pdf81.27 KB
Nineteen Historical Sites 05-06-1953 5-6-1953.pdf79.67 KB
California’s First American 05-08-1953 5-8-1953.pdf79.29 KB
Juan Antonio Maria Gilroy 05-11-1953 5-11-1953.pdf79.31 KB
Early Foreigners Here 05-13-1953 5-13-1953.pdf77.94 KB
‘Having a Wonderful Time...’ 05-15-1953 5-15-1953.pdf79.63 KB
‘When I Was a Little Girl’ 05-18-1953 5-18-1953.pdf79.12 KB
‘Have You Seen The Elephant?’ 05-20-1953 5-20-1953.pdf79.35 KB
‘Worth a Thousand Words’ 05-22-1953 5-22-1953.pdf78.6 KB
The Sherman Rose Story 05-25-1953 5-25-1953.pdf79.96 KB
This Year’s Merienda 05-27-1953 5-27-1953.pdf79.03 KB
A Light That Guided Ships 06-01-1953 6-1-1953.pdf78.18 KB
And a Bed Floated In ... 06-03-1953 6-3-1953.pdf78.79 KB
Elegance of Another Day 06-05-1953 6-5-1953.pdf79.95 KB
Pacific Grove Schools 06-08-1953 6-8-1953.pdf80.41 KB
Hand Made Mantillas 06-10-1953 6-10-1953.pdf75.2 KB
Early Currency 06-12-1953 6-12-1953.pdf78.69 KB
History Making Month 06-15-1953 6-15-1953.pdf81.49 KB
Gold Dust Lore 06-17-1953 6-17-1953.pdf78.36 KB
Bonanza Days Revived 06-22-1953 6-22-1953.pdf82.3 KB
More on Irvine Ranch 07-24-1953 7-24-1953.pdf79.32 KB
The Voice of the Bells 08-12-1953 8-12-1953.pdf79.44 KB
When A Sailor Set the Type 08-26-1953 8-26-1953.pdf80.06 KB
Travels of a Printing Press 08-28-1953 8-28-1953.pdf81.53 KB
More About Mariposa Hall 01-27-1954 1-27-1954.pdf80.46 KB
Memories of Mariposa 02-03-1954 2-3-1954.pdf77.92 KB
Defense of Monterey 02-06-1956 2-6-1956.pdf79.35 KB
Buildings of Old Monterey 02-21-1968 2-21-1968.pdf79.29 KB
Buildings: 1734 02-28-1968 2-28-1968.pdf79.34 KB
Council Worries of 1850 03-14-1968 3-14-1968.pdf79.54 KB
A Great Tribute 07-15-1968 7-15-1968.pdf75.65 KB
Monterey Whaling Industry 08-30-1968 8-30-1968.pdf79.55 KB
Save The Perry House 09-09-1966 9-9-1966.pdf80.06 KB
Ill-Mannered Pioneers 09-18-1968 9-18-1968.pdf80.01 KB
Crisis Averted 11-03-1965 11-3-1965.pdf79.25 KB
August in Our History 08-02-1957 8-2-1957.pdf80.63 KB
Victoria Cathedral 08-05-1957 8-5-1957.pdf83.05 KB
Wheelers, Away! 08-07-1957 8-7-1957.pdf84.41 KB
USS Constellation 08-08-1957 8-8-1957.pdf84.22 KB
Old Gunsmiths 08-15-1957 8-15-1957.pdf80.19 KB
The Way West 08-16-1957 8-16-1957.pdf80.66 KB
‘Mission 66’ 08-21-1957 8-21-1957.pdf81.16 KB
Monterey’s City Seal 08-23-1957 8-23-1957.pdf82.3 KB
California Overland 08-26-1957 8-26-1957.pdf84.02 KB
Coastal Sea Otter Hunting 08-28-1957 8-28-1957.pdf84.64 KB
Western Heroine 08-30-1957 8-30-1957.pdf80.98 KB
California Pioneers 09-02-1957 9-2-1957.pdf84.69 KB
‘California First’ 09-09-1957 9-9-1957.pdf81.42 KB
Our First Schools 09-13-1957 9-13-1957.pdf81.69 KB
Santa Clara Revisited 09-19-1957 9-19-1957.pdf77.65 KB
Santa Clara Prunes 09-20-1957 9-20-1957.pdf82.07 KB
San Jose’s Seal 09-25-1957 9-25-1957.pdf78.71 KB
Punch Bowl Story 09-27-1957 9-27-1957.pdf79.28 KB
Early Kern County 09-30-1957 9-30-1957.pdf82.61 KB
Tassajara Hot Springs 10-02-1957 10-2-1957.pdf82.5 KB
The Naming of Tassajara 10-04-1957 10-4-1957.pdf80.99 KB
The Sherman Rose Lady 10-07-1957 10-7-1957.pdf83.07 KB
Charles Krug, Monterey 10-09-1957 10-9-1957.pdf82.43 KB
Casa Grande 10-11-1957 10-11-1957.pdf80.23 KB
Napa Valley Pioneers 10-14-1957 10-14-1957.pdf82.38 KB
Monterey Names 10-16-1957 10-16-1957.pdf83.31 KB
The Opening of Hotel Del Monte 10-18-1957 10-18-1957.pdf83.33 KB
Old Ice Wagons 10-21-1957 10-21-1957.pdf84.62 KB
Monterey’s Elegant Spa 10-23-1957 10-23-1957.pdf86.83 KB
California Hot Springs 10-25-1957 10-25-1957.pdf82.63 KB
The Geysers 10-28-1957 10-28-1957.pdf82.52 KB
Santa Fe and Today 10-30-1957 10-30-1957.pdf82.75 KB
Key November Dates 11-06-1957 11-6-1957.pdf82.55 KB
Bountiful Mission Gardens 11-11-1957 11-11-1957.pdf83.67 KB
More Mission Gardens 11-15-1957 11-15-1957.pdf81.92 KB
Trail Of Wildflowers 11-18-1957 11-18-1957.pdf80.27 KB
Jedediah Smith 11-20-1957 11-20-1957.pdf79.43 KB
The Portola Papers 11-22-1957 11-22-1957.pdf80.01 KB
‘Seeing the Elephant’ 11-25-1957 11-25-1957.pdf81.84 KB
Santa Cruz History 12-02-1957 12-2-1957.pdf82.6 KB
New Children’s Books 12-04-1957 12-4-1957.pdf79.32 KB
Paso Robles Hot Springs 12-06-1957 12-6-1957.pdf82.83 KB
New Christmas Books 12-11-1957 12-11-1957.pdf81.75 KB
Solano County Adobe 12-16-1957 12-16-1957.pdf82.03 KB
Monterey as the Capital 12-18-1957 12-18-1957.pdf82.92 KB
Carrying the Mail 03-06-1968 3-6-1968.pdf79.18 KB
The Colton Hall School 03-15-1968 3-15-1968.pdf80.75 KB
Showered with Gifts 03-16-1955 3-16-1955.pdf83.6 KB
History Group 04-28-1965 4-28-1965.pdf78.96 KB
Museum Board Plans Party 05-15-1968 5-15-1968.pdf78.89 KB
Trail Of The Chumash Indians 05-23-1966 5-23-1966.pdf79.84 KB
Custom House 09-25-1964 9-25-1964.pdf78.93 KB
Our First Mail 10-29-1965 10-29-1965.pdf78.73 KB
History of Monterey Ball Park 11-14-1968 11-14-1968.pdf78.38 KB
Monterey Hidden Treasure 01-04-1956 1-4-1956.pdf81.22 KB
Monterey’s Hidden Treasure 01-06-1956 1-6-1956.pdf82.27 KB
More Treasure 01-09-1956 1-9-1956.pdf80.3 KB
Drake’s Plate 01-13-1956 1-13-1956.pdf77.89 KB
South Park Story 01-16-1956 1-16-1956.pdf79.25 KB
South Park Story, II 01-18-1956 1-18-1956.pdf80.47 KB
Glimpses of History 01-20-1956 1-20-1956.pdf85.79 KB
Portrait of the Past 01-23-1956 1-23-1956.pdf84.83 KB
The Vigilantes 01-25-1956 1-25-1956.pdf76.18 KB
A Bartender Preaches 01-30-1956 1-30-1956.pdf82.04 KB
All is Not Gold that Giltters 07-06-1953 7-6-1953.pdf81.18 KB
Gustatory Memories 07-10-1953 7-10-1953.pdf80.84 KB
Champion of the Indian 07-13-1953 7-13-1953.pdf80.15 KB
A Letter From R.L.S. 07-15-1953 7-15-1953.pdf77.45 KB
R. L. S. Spurred Mission Restoration 07-17-1953 7-17-1953.pdf78.51 KB
Historical Landmark Conference 07-20-1953 7-20-1953.pdf80.26 KB
Jamboree Held on Old Land Grant 07-21-1953 7-21-1953.pdf78.77 KB
Gregorian Chant Sung By Indians 07-22-1953 7-22-1953.pdf79.72 KB
County Histories Gain Interest 07-23-1953 7-23-1953.pdf80.59 KB
First Form of California Gold 07-27-1953 7-27-1953.pdf76.91 KB
Known As Agricultural Center 07-29-1953 7-29-1953.pdf83.05 KB
Bigger and Better B. T. (Before Texas) 07-31-1953 7-31-1953.pdf79.97 KB
121-Year-Old Los Coches 10-16-1964 10-16-1964.pdf79.22 KB
‘Gem of the Southern Mines’ 08-03-1953 8-3-1953.pdf78.04 KB
Drama Revival 08-05-1953 8-5-1953.pdf80.01 KB
When Columbia Was a Metropolis 08-07-1953 8-7-1953.pdf81.1 KB
Rotary Beginnings 08-10-1953 8-10-1953.pdf83.17 KB
Days of the Overland Mail 08-14-1953 8-14-1953.pdf104.21 KB
Markers for Stage Stations 08-17-1953 8-17-1953.pdf80.77 KB
Centennial of the ‘Jackass Mail’ 08-19-1953 8-19-1953.pdf78.23 KB
California’s First Newspaper 08-21-1953 8-21-1953.pdf83.56 KB
History of the Bear Flag 08-31-1953 8-31-1953.pdf80.49 KB
‘Early Monterey’ 09-04-1953 9-4-1953.pdf79.98 KB
Case of the Missing Oak Tree 09-09-1953 9-9-1953.pdf78.95 KB
Early Days of the Auto 09-14-1953 9-14-1953.pdf79.82 KB
Californiana 09-16-1953 9-16-1953.pdf78.08 KB
Famous Statues Claimed 09-21-1953 9-21-1953.pdf79.51 KB
E. Clampus Vitus 09-23-1953 9-23-1953.pdf80.15 KB
‘Noble Grand Humbug’ 09-25-1953 9-25-1953.pdf80.81 KB
‘An Evening With The Irish Poets’ 09-28-1953 9-28-1953.pdf82.29 KB
Gourmet Taleteller 09-30-1953 9-30-1953.pdf80.14 KB
Our National Parks 10-02-1953 10-2-1953.pdf78.79 KB
Scenic Wonders to Explore 10-05-1953 10-5-1953.pdf81.51 KB
Governor Alvarado’s Chair 10-07-1953 10-7-1953.pdf80.05 KB