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Noticias del Puerto de Monterey

Noticias Vol. 1 No. 1

Noticias del Puerto de Monterey (titled Noticias de Monterey in part of 2005 and 2006), was a quarterly newsletter of Monterey history published by the Monterey History and Art Association from 1957 and until 2009. Over the years, the quarterly publication became irregular, and after a one-year gap in 2007 a very large 50th anniversary commemorative issue was published. Noticias articles generally address people, places, and events in and around Monterey. The articles were researched and written by local historians and/or knowledgeable members of the Association. The Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library holds a complete set of Noticias. All but a few issues are available here as searchable PDF files. A text index for 1968 through 2000 and a table of contents for 1957 through 1966 are avilable here and at MHOD.

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Peninsula Diary

Historian and Journalist Mayo Hayes O’Donnell (1892-1978) wrote the column “Peninsula Diary” in the Monterey Peninsula Herald from 1949 until 1970. The column was devoted to historical accounts of early California and the significance of Monterey in the early days of the state.

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Mayo Hayes O'Donnell preparing her newspaper column in San Jose


2529 columns are transcribed, uploaded and searchable on this site.

Title Column Date PDF
100 Most Beautiful Rooms 01-14-1959 1-14-1959.pdf79.77 KB
Our Old Adobes 03-02-1956 3-2-1956.pdf81.36 KB
At Stevenson House 04-02-1951 4-2-1951.pdf79.6 KB
Come to the Hanging 04-03-1951 4-3-1951.pdf79.37 KB
Trader’s Trick 04-04-1951 4-4-1951.pdf76.87 KB
Custom House Commotion 04-05-1951 4-5-1951.pdf79.42 KB
First Brick House 04-06-1951 4-6-1951.pdf78.04 KB
Happy Birthday 04-09-1951 4-9-1951.pdf80.78 KB
Fleas, Livestock and Soap Root 04-10-1951 4-10-1951.pdf79.07 KB
A Pair of Mermaids 04-11-1951 4-11-1951.pdf79.95 KB
Chinaman Joe of Point Joe 04-13-1951 4-13-1951.pdf76.96 KB
In a Flood of Controversy 04-16-1951 4-16-1951.pdf80.31 KB
The State Park System 04-17-1951 4-17-1951.pdf82.75 KB
Our Lady of Belen 04-18-1951 4-18-1951.pdf80.77 KB
Just Around the Corner From Fremont Street 04-19-1951 4-19-1951.pdf80.11 KB
A Piece of Polished Wood From Napoleon’s ‘Natalia’ 04-20-1951 4-20-1951.pdf80.44 KB
Asleep in the Deep 04-23-1951 4-23-1951.pdf78.65 KB
On the Original Camino Real 04-24-1951 4-24-1951.pdf81.18 KB
Set Like a Jewel 04-25-1951 4-25-1951.pdf79.41 KB
A Visit to Wagon Cave 04-26-1951 4-26-1951.pdf80.35 KB
Whiling Away The Public Time 04-27-1951 4-27-1951.pdf81.59 KB
Amesti Portraits 04-30-1951 4-30-1951.pdf79.61 KB
They Slept on the Beaches That May Day 05-01-1951 5-1-1951.pdf79.1 KB
Get Out If You Can 05-02-1951 5-2-1951.pdf79.95 KB
When Stevenson Worked For Two Dollars a Week 05-04-1951 5-4-1951.pdf80.4 KB
Wapo Searched the Willows 05-07-1951 5-7-1951.pdf80.5 KB
Who Has the Treasure? 05-08-1951 5-8-1951.pdf79.65 KB
My Friend ... the Rose 05-11-1951 5-11-1951.pdf79.23 KB
Formerly Hildreth’s Diggins 05-14-1951 5-14-1951.pdf83.54 KB
A Judge’s Top Hat 05-16-1951 5-16-1951.pdf80.89 KB
Beyond Rough and Ready Is Timbuctoo 05-17-1951 5-17-1951.pdf83.73 KB
Seventy Years Old Without Fanfare 05-18-1951 5-18-1951.pdf80.82 KB
The Monterey Foundation 05-21-1951 5-21-1951.pdf80.33 KB
Doorway to History 05-22-1951 5-22-1951.pdf79.54 KB
A Pioneer Priest 05-23-1951 5-23-1951.pdf80.22 KB
On Beds of Ease and Roses 05-24-1951 5-24-1951.pdf80.57 KB
Front Door Lock to The First Theater 05-28-1951 5-28-1951.pdf79.64 KB
Attendants to La Favorita And Their Family Trees 05-25-1951 5-25-1951.pdf80.75 KB
The Cannonball Express 05-29-1951 5-29-1951.pdf81.08 KB
The Outcasts of Poker Flat 05-30-1951 5-30-1951.pdf81.29 KB
A Cigarillo From a Senorita 06-06-1951 6-6-1951.pdf78.73 KB
Beans for Breakfast 06-11-1951 6-11-1951.pdf77.57 KB
Some Sympathetic Repairs 06-07-1951 6-7-1951.pdf80.86 KB
The Old Hotel at Jolon 06-04-1951 6-4-1951.pdf77.74 KB
The Tragedy of Quirk, A Pennsylvania Democrat 06-13-1951 6-13-1951.pdf84.35 KB
Wherever Pepper Grows 06-05-1951 6-5-1951.pdf77.56 KB
June Is Important 05-31-1951 5-31-1951.pdf81.3 KB
You Can’t Die in Monterey 06-01-1951 6-1-1951.pdf79.44 KB
At a Snail’s Pace 06-08-1951 6-8-1951.pdf78.99 KB
Bound for Sacramento 06-12-1951 6-12-1951.pdf79.91 KB
The Narrow Gauge Railroad 06-14-1951 6-14-1951.pdf76.83 KB
Bull and Bear Fight 06-15-1951 6-15-1951.pdf76.45 KB
Adobe Open House 06-20-1951 6-20-1951.pdf78.4 KB
Under a Large Oak Tree 06-19-1951 6-19-1951.pdf79.44 KB
San Francisco ... a Small Town Rising Rapidly in Importance 06-21-1951 6-21-1951.pdf81.79 KB
Potpourri of Roses 06-22-1951 6-22-1951.pdf80.07 KB
Sawmills, Flourmills, A Tale of Two Towns 06-25-1951 6-25-1951.pdf79.45 KB
Father Casanova’s Account Book 07-12-1951 7-12-1951.pdf82.26 KB
In Their Place, An Orchard 07-02-1951 7-2-1951.pdf80.29 KB
The Punishment Fit The Crime 06-29-1951 6-29-1951.pdf77.62 KB
Take a Carriage 07-10-1951 7-10-1951.pdf80.6 KB
Chapel in a Mine 07-06-1951 7-6-1951.pdf80.08 KB
Where Are They in 1951? 07-11-1951 7-11-1951.pdf79.73 KB
California Imports 07-18-1951 7-18-1951.pdf80.52 KB
A Faint Prospect of Profit 07-13-1951 7-13-1951.pdf81.53 KB
Pioneers At Sea 07-16-1951 7-16-1951.pdf80.65 KB
A Paucity of Windows 07-17-1951 7-17-1951.pdf81.75 KB
The Bearded Padre 06-18-1951 6-18-1951.pdf75.55 KB
Custom House Still Stands 08-01-1963 8-1-1963.pdf79.35 KB
August 5, 1963 Ads That Ran In 1855 08-05-1963 8-5-1963.pdf81.97 KB
Living Like Spanish Dons 08-19-1963 8-19-1963.pdf79.25 KB
Whalebone As Decoration 08-22-1963 8-22-1963.pdf80.89 KB
‘Local' News From Abroad 08-28-1963 8-28-1963.pdf76.32 KB
As Paris Sees Steinbeck 08-29-1963 8-29-1963.pdf77.72 KB
Sherman Rose 09-04-1963 9-4-1963.pdf79.96 KB
California’s First Jury 09-10-1963 9-10-1963.pdf82.41 KB
The Story Behind ‘End Of The Trail’ 09-16-1963 9-16-1963.pdf79.88 KB
Early School Days Recalled 09-17-1963 9-17-1963.pdf79.56 KB
Admission Day 09-18-1963 9-18-1963.pdf80.21 KB
St. Mary’s-By-The-Sea 09-20-1963 9-20-1963.pdf80.31 KB
Escolle’s Flower Pots Played A Role In Monterey History 09-24-1963 9-24-1963.pdf80.7 KB
A Gem Of A History 09-25-1963 9-25-1963.pdf81.9 KB
The Serra Oak 09-27-1963 9-27-1963.pdf77.29 KB
The Atmosphere Of Old Monterey 09-30-1963 9-30-1963.pdf81.48 KB
Menzies’ Journal Of 1792 10-02-1963 10-2-1963.pdf79.27 KB
Books Full Of History 10-04-1963 10-4-1963.pdf81.86 KB
Jedediah Smith Meeting 10-07-1963 10-7-1963.pdf80.34 KB
The Fine Robert L. Stevenson Collection 10-09-1963 10-9-1963.pdf82.95 KB
Constitution’s Reporter 10-11-1963 10-11-1963.pdf82.25 KB
Monterey History Repeats Itself 10-15-1963 10-15-1963.pdf80.3 KB
Making Adobe 10-21-1963 10-21-1963.pdf79.98 KB
The Wreck Of The Good Ship Natalia 10-23-1963 10-23-1963.pdf80.78 KB
The Natalia’s Grave In Monterey Bay 10-25-1963 10-25-1963.pdf81.03 KB
Fleas, Livestock And Amole 10-28-1963 10-28-1963.pdf79.86 KB
A Sea Captain’s View Of Monterey 10-30-1963 10-30-1963.pdf84.49 KB
Storms And Whales 11-01-1963 11-1-1963.pdf82 KB
Why Do They Come To Monterey? 11-04-1963 11-4-1963.pdf79.44 KB
Our Monterey 11-06-1963 11-6-1963.pdf81.42 KB
The Origin Of Santa Claus 12-24-1963 12-24-1963.pdf80.61 KB
California’s Place Names 01-08-1964 1-8-1964.pdf84.08 KB
1908 Calendar Usable Today 01-10-1964 1-10-1964.pdf82.45 KB
R. L. Stevenson Reprint Issued 01-16-1964 1-16-1964.pdf79.03 KB
Girl Scout Datebook 01-20-1964 1-20-1964.pdf78.56 KB
City Seals Intrigue 01-22-1964 1-22-1964.pdf79.73 KB
History and Art Aims 01-24-1964 1-24-1964.pdf76.41 KB
Historical Markers 01-27-1964 1-27-1964.pdf79.44 KB
Historic Spots 01-30-1964 1-30-1964.pdf78.25 KB
Old Sites Preserved 01-31-1964 1-31-1964.pdf79.38 KB
Serra’s Statue Unveiled 02-03-1964 2-3-1964.pdf80.13 KB
Sea Otter Hunting 02-05-1964 2-5-1964.pdf78.45 KB
Forthcoming Books 02-07-1964 2-7-1964.pdf78.65 KB
Old Whaling Station 02-12-1964 2-12-1964.pdf78.54 KB
Second Part Of Tale 02-14-1964 2-14-1964.pdf76.49 KB
City Incorporated 02-17-1964 2-17-1964.pdf78.14 KB
Central Hotel Adobe 02-19-1964 2-19-1964.pdf79.35 KB
Old Wolter Adobe 02-21-1964 2-21-1964.pdf79.01 KB
Adobes Destroyed And Lost 02-24-1964 2-24-1964.pdf77.48 KB
Adobe Tour Date Set 02-26-1964 2-26-1964.pdf80.42 KB
Early Residences 02-28-1964 2-28-1964.pdf77.8 KB
No Sign Left Of Old Jails 03-02-1964 3-2-1964.pdf79.37 KB
Garner And Diaz Adobes 03-06-1964 3-6-1964.pdf77.54 KB
Gomez And Garcia Adobes 03-04-1964 3-4-1964.pdf81.33 KB
Old Home Raffled By Diaz 03-09-1964 3-9-1964.pdf84.39 KB
Iron-Sheathed House 03-11-1964 3-11-1964.pdf77.67 KB
Mutiny and Robbery 03-13-1964 3-13-1964.pdf80.16 KB
Beautiful Gonzalez Residence 03-16-1964 3-16-1964.pdf80.45 KB
Steinbeck Honored By French 03-18-1964 3-18-1964.pdf76.06 KB
More On “Rue De La Sardine” 03-20-1964 3-20-1964.pdf81.18 KB
Theatre Program Of 1924 03-23-1964 3-23-1964.pdf79.87 KB
Trees At Del Monte Park 03-25-1964 3-25-1964.pdf77.56 KB
More On Del Monte Park Trees 03-27-1964 3-27-1964.pdf80.98 KB
Tour of Missions Enjoyed 03-30-1964 3-30-1964.pdf78.74 KB
Old Book Collection 04-01-1964 4-1-1964.pdf74.7 KB
Larkin’s Furniture 04-03-1964 4-3-1964.pdf75.8 KB
Invoices and Ledgers 04-06-1964 4-6-1964.pdf79.06 KB
Ancient Ledgers Amusing 04-08-1964 4-8-1964.pdf79.71 KB
Larkin’s Letters Perused 04-10-1964 4-10-1964.pdf79.26 KB
Romantic Story Of Mission 04-13-1964 4-13-1964.pdf74.95 KB
Saving Landmarks 04-15-1964 4-15-1964.pdf78.26 KB
Rare Indian Baskets 04-17-1964 4-17-1964.pdf79.81 KB
Cypress Fairy Tale 04-20-1964 4-20-1964.pdf75.33 KB
Peninsula Hailed By G. Morris 04-22-1964 4-22-1964.pdf77.92 KB
Pilgrims March On Old Trail 04-28-1964 4-28-1964.pdf77.48 KB
Legends Of Trail Over Hill 04-30-1964 4-30-1964.pdf77.49 KB
Ghosts of Padres on Old Trail 05-04-1964 5-4-1964.pdf77.78 KB
Words to Old Songs 05-06-1964 5-6-1964.pdf77.6 KB
Old-Time Pageantry In Books 05-08-1964 5-8-1964.pdf80.14 KB
Historical Markers 05-11-1964 5-11-1964.pdf71.34 KB
Early-Day Chinese 05-13-1964 5-13-1964.pdf78.18 KB
Grove Retreat in 1875 05-15-1964 5-15-1964.pdf79.75 KB
Garden Is T. S. King Memorial 05-18-1964 5-18-1964.pdf80.11 KB
Bookplate Collection Exhibited 05-20-1964 5-20-1964.pdf79.28 KB
Actors In Old-Time Theatre 05-22-1964 5-22-1964.pdf80.23 KB
Pioneer Actress 05-26-1964 5-26-1964.pdf75.51 KB
Merienda Tradition Reviewed 05-29-1964 5-29-1964.pdf79.33 KB
History Of Press In 1880s 06-01-1964 6-1-1964.pdf76.38 KB
Old Press Led Hard Existence 06-03-1964 6-3-1964.pdf77.1 KB
Pioneer Press Burns 06-05-1964 6-5-1964.pdf78.28 KB
Railroad Excursions 06-10-1964 6-10-1964.pdf78 KB
More Pioneer Trains 06-12-1964 6-12-1964.pdf73.22 KB
S.P.’s Ad Fulsome In 1886 06-15-1964 6-15-1964.pdf78.81 KB
Tall Trees Influenced Vizcaino 06-17-1964 6-17-1964.pdf75.45 KB
First Narrow-Gauge 06-22-1964 6-22-1964.pdf76.48 KB
City Limit Moved for Railroad 06-24-1964 6-24-1964.pdf80.03 KB
Ancient Engines Rescued 06-26-1964 6-26-1964.pdf72.3 KB
Visit Of President Harrison 06-29-1964 6-29-1964.pdf76.62 KB
Old Buildings for Adoption 07-19-1951 7-19-1951.pdf81.64 KB
St. John’s Del Monte Chapel And How It Came to Be 07-20-1951 7-20-1951.pdf83.47 KB
Washerwoman’s Canyon 07-25-1951 7-25-1951.pdf79.86 KB
Indians on the Warpath 07-26-1951 7-26-1951.pdf80.19 KB
A Quaker Quailed the Bandit 07-30-1951 7-30-1951.pdf81.07 KB
Singing Their Own Requiem 08-01-1951 8-1-1951.pdf81.22 KB
Pioneer Protestant Preacher 08-02-1951 8-2-1951.pdf80.78 KB
Hall of Fame 08-03-1951 8-3-1951.pdf80.36 KB
Blue Boy and Pinkie In Pasadena 08-06-1951 8-6-1951.pdf82.61 KB
Eleven Square Leagues 08-07-1951 8-7-1951.pdf79.17 KB
One Terrible Drought 08-08-1951 8-8-1951.pdf80.53 KB
The Salt of the Earth 08-09-1951 8-9-1951.pdf81.56 KB
He Rings the Mission Bells 08-10-1951 8-10-1951.pdf80.15 KB
The Editor Wore A Buckskin Dress 08-14-1951 8-14-1951.pdf83.28 KB
Journal Of a Tour 08-15-1951 8-15-1951.pdf80.99 KB
A Liberal Application Of Spur and Whip 08-16-1951 8-16-1951.pdf81.31 KB
The Gold Coast Troopers 08-20-1951 8-20-1951.pdf81.7 KB
Too Fatigued to Listen 08-21-1951 8-21-1951.pdf81.67 KB
An Old School Gentleman 08-22-1951 8-22-1951.pdf80.98 KB
Iron Pot, Silk Mittens and a Blue Moon 08-23-1951 8-23-1951.pdf80.76 KB
Pyroglyphics of the Range 08-24-1951 8-24-1951.pdf81.88 KB
Early California Pantaloons 08-27-1951 8-27-1951.pdf79.42 KB
Matter of Jonathan Cogitation 08-28-1951 8-28-1951.pdf109.12 KB
From An Old Newspaper 08-29-1951 8-29-1951.pdf80.27 KB
His Hobby is Californiana 08-30-1951 8-30-1951.pdf78.06 KB
102 Years Ago 08-31-1951 8-31-1951.pdf83.19 KB
Who has the Oldest Brand? 10-30-1951 10-30-1951.pdf81.44 KB
A Small Fortune From a Total Wreck 07-24-1951 7-24-1951.pdf80.96 KB
The Constructive Days 07-23-1951 7-23-1951.pdf80.59 KB
Right Out of This World 03-14-1952 3-14-1952.pdf81.45 KB
An Old Scrapbook 05-20-1968 5-20-1968.pdf79.05 KB
Chronicles Of The West 06-10-1966 6-10-1966.pdf80.43 KB
Fort Ross 06-28-1957 6-28-1957.pdf80.22 KB
Old Mountain Towns 11-01-1957 11-1-1957.pdf83.42 KB