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Noticias del Puerto de Monterey

Noticias Vol. 1 No. 1

Noticias del Puerto de Monterey (titled Noticias de Monterey in part of 2005 and 2006), was a quarterly newsletter of Monterey history published by the Monterey History and Art Association from 1957 and until 2009. Over the years, the quarterly publication became irregular, and after a one-year gap in 2007 a very large 50th anniversary commemorative issue was published. Noticias articles generally address people, places, and events in and around Monterey. The articles were researched and written by local historians and/or knowledgeable members of the Association. The Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library holds a complete set of Noticias. All but a few issues are available here as searchable PDF files. A text index for 1968 through 2000 and a table of contents for 1957 through 1966 are avilable here and at MHOD.

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Peninsula Diary

Historian and Journalist Mayo Hayes O’Donnell (1892-1978) wrote the column “Peninsula Diary” in the Monterey Peninsula Herald from 1949 until 1970. The column was devoted to historical accounts of early California and the significance of Monterey in the early days of the state.

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Mayo Hayes O'Donnell preparing her newspaper column in San Jose


2529 columns are transcribed, uploaded and searchable on this site.

Title Column Date PDF
California’s Migrant Capital 12-20-1957 12-20-1957.pdf79.37 KB
Solons Were Courageous 07-27-1956 7-27-1956.pdf81.5 KB
A Supply of Dollar Marks 02-05-1952 2-5-1952.pdf83.53 KB
The Larkin Papers 02-06-1952 2-6-1952.pdf79.17 KB
A Copy of Our A\C Current 02-07-1952 2-7-1952.pdf109.17 KB
Jarndyce and Jarndyce 02-08-1952 2-8-1952.pdf78.36 KB
With A Sixpence Nailed to A Post 02-11-1952 2-11-1952.pdf80.83 KB
California’s First Families 02-12-1952 2-12-1952.pdf80.24 KB
The Southern Planter 02-13-1952 2-13-1952.pdf80.68 KB
Charles Tyler Botts 02-14-1952 2-14-1952.pdf80.53 KB
Prominent Men in 1846 02-15-1952 2-15-1952.pdf82.43 KB
The Best and Surest Debtor 02-18-1952 2-18-1952.pdf81.82 KB
The Last of the List 02-19-1952 2-19-1952.pdf82.29 KB
Bits of This and That 02-20-1952 2-20-1952.pdf82.88 KB
Noted Bibliophile 02-21-1952 2-21-1952.pdf74.77 KB
Casa Gutierrez 02-22-1952 2-22-1952.pdf78.41 KB
Old Houses to Rent or Sell 02-25-1952 2-25-1952.pdf80.42 KB
About Monuments and Sites 02-26-1952 2-26-1952.pdf77.03 KB
Gold-Digging in California And Women’s Rights 02-27-1952 2-27-1952.pdf82.76 KB
The Gold Fever 02-28-1952 2-28-1952.pdf79.58 KB
Pockets Full of Gold Dust 02-29-1952 2-29-1952.pdf80.55 KB
With A Broomstick In A Jeweled Hand 03-03-1952 3-3-1952.pdf81.38 KB
And the President Lived On 03-04-1952 3-4-1952.pdf82.21 KB
Joseph Boston & Co. 03-06-1952 3-6-1952.pdf81.33 KB
Delegate From Los Angeles 03-07-1952 3-7-1952.pdf84.08 KB
It Was News to The Cypress 03-10-1952 3-10-1952.pdf79.5 KB
Potent Potatoes 03-12-1952 3-12-1952.pdf79.79 KB
Old Maps and McCormicks 03-13-1952 3-13-1952.pdf84 KB
March in Monterey 03-17-1952 3-17-1952.pdf79.34 KB
Chinese New Year 03-18-1952 3-18-1952.pdf79.75 KB
It Rained Too Much in 1891 03-19-1952 3-19-1952.pdf80.21 KB
Time and Poor Varnish 03-20-1952 3-20-1952.pdf80.14 KB
A Bonnet for a Bride 03-21-1952 3-21-1952.pdf80.95 KB
The Road Around The Oak 03-24-1952 3-24-1952.pdf78.21 KB
Same Old Problems 03-26-1952 3-26-1952.pdf78.83 KB
Adios to the Old Relic 03-27-1952 3-27-1952.pdf80.74 KB
A Splendid View of the Bay 03-28-1952 3-28-1952.pdf81.93 KB
Dragoons’ Buttons 04-01-1952 4-1-1952.pdf79.37 KB
At Tejon Ranch 04-02-1952 4-2-1952.pdf78.69 KB
The Photograph Craze 04-08-1952 4-8-1952.pdf80.66 KB
July Fourth Baby 04-09-1952 4-9-1952.pdf82.76 KB
At Xalostotitlan 04-10-1952 4-10-1952.pdf81.29 KB
The Last Chance 04-14-1952 4-14-1952.pdf79.72 KB
Every Bucketful of Earth 04-15-1952 4-15-1952.pdf79.1 KB
Following The Call of Gold 04-16-1952 4-16-1952.pdf83.75 KB
The First American Theater 04-17-1952 4-17-1952.pdf81.1 KB
The Ords of Royal Descent 04-18-1952 4-18-1952.pdf80.32 KB
Steamship Pioneer 04-21-1952 4-21-1952.pdf77.96 KB
On a Crowded Ship 04-22-1952 4-22-1952.pdf79.41 KB
United Footprints 04-23-1952 4-23-1952.pdf79.68 KB
Red Woolen Shirts 04-24-1952 4-24-1952.pdf78.93 KB
The Sudden Empire ... California 04-25-1952 4-25-1952.pdf81.32 KB
An Elegant Banner 04-28-1952 4-28-1952.pdf79.31 KB
Thirtieth President 04-29-1952 4-29-1952.pdf81.01 KB
Bear Rampant 04-30-1952 4-30-1952.pdf80.51 KB
New Oil, Old Paper 05-01-1952 5-1-1952.pdf80.65 KB
Gallant Galaxy of Heroes 05-02-1952 5-2-1952.pdf82.87 KB
The Seemly Impossible 05-06-1952 5-6-1952.pdf80.4 KB
The Germ of a New State 05-07-1952 5-7-1952.pdf81.35 KB
Don Jose Bandini Was There 05-08-1952 5-8-1952.pdf79.98 KB
No Public Figure 05-09-1952 5-9-1952.pdf78.87 KB
The Path of History and Postcards 05-12-1952 5-12-1952.pdf79.3 KB
Down the American River 06-11-1952 6-11-1952.pdf80.57 KB
The Passing of An Oak 07-24-1952 7-24-1952.pdf81.61 KB
Santa Comes to Jolon 01-03-1958 1-3-1958.pdf81.39 KB
Unknown Dates 01-06-1958 1-6-1958.pdf79.68 KB
Historical Flashbacks 01-08-1958 1-8-1958.pdf80.89 KB
The Battle Of Natividad 01-10-1958 1-10-1958.pdf80.94 KB
The Story Of Eusebio 01-13-1958 1-13-1958.pdf77.87 KB
The Gordon House 01-15-1958 1-15-1958.pdf79.94 KB
Old Monterey’s Chinese 01-17-1958 1-17-1958.pdf79.42 KB
The Lone Grave 01-20-1958 1-20-1958.pdf79.28 KB
Benicia Capitol Dedication 01-22-1958 1-22-1958.pdf80.58 KB
Gold Discovery Days 01-24-1958 1-24-1958.pdf82.1 KB
Gold Fields of ‘49 01-29-1958 1-29-1958.pdf80.47 KB
The First Centennial 07-25-1958 7-25-1958.pdf80.16 KB
Centennial Voyage 07-28-1958 7-28-1958.pdf82.25 KB
Centennial Reporting 07-30-1958 7-30-1958.pdf77.54 KB
May Anniversary Dates 05-05-1958 5-5-1958.pdf80.81 KB
Audubon’s Illustrated West 02-05-1958 2-5-1958.pdf83.64 KB
Ancient Medicinal Herbs 02-07-1958 2-7-1958.pdf82.16 KB
Historic Monterey Monuments 02-11-1958 2-11-1958.pdf85.36 KB
Maps of the American West 02-12-1958 2-12-1958.pdf78.83 KB
Lincoln’s Illinois Home 02-17-1958 2-17-1958.pdf79.18 KB
Monument to a President 02-20-1958 2-20-1958.pdf81.28 KB
Rebuilding the Capitol 02-21-1958 2-21-1958.pdf81.19 KB
Old California Sawmills 02-26-1958 2-26-1958.pdf82.09 KB
Cast Iron Stove Book 02-28-1958 2-28-1958.pdf81.2 KB
Measuring by ‘Vara’ 03-03-1958 3-3-1958.pdf81.19 KB
Old ‘Tamalon Recipe 03-05-1958 3-5-1958.pdf77.65 KB
Thomas Oliver Larkin 03-07-1958 3-7-1958.pdf81.07 KB
Salvador Vallejo 03-11-1958 3-11-1958.pdf85.16 KB
‘Libros Californianos’ 03-12-1958 3-12-1958.pdf79.7 KB
‘Extracto de Noticias’ 03-26-1958 3-26-1958.pdf83.04 KB
The Parkman Papers 03-28-1958 3-28-1958.pdf79 KB
The Overland Mail 03-31-1958 3-31-1958.pdf80.9 KB
April is USO Month 04-02-1958 4-2-1958.pdf81.67 KB
History Foundation Institute 04-04-1958 4-4-1958.pdf82.51 KB
The Stevenson House 04-07-1958 4-7-1958.pdf82.31 KB
Doll Exhibit 04-09-1958 4-9-1958.pdf78.67 KB
Historic Street Names 04-11-1958 4-11-1958.pdf85.78 KB
Mission Soledad 04-14-1958 4-14-1958.pdf80.1 KB
Golden Gate Statues 04-23-1958 4-23-1958.pdf81.46 KB
Trip to New Idria 04-25-1958 4-25-1958.pdf82.23 KB
Tres Pinos and Hollister 04-28-1958 4-28-1958.pdf81.17 KB
‘Home Away From Home’ 04-30-1958 4-30-1958.pdf80.54 KB
‘Fantastic Freebooter’ 05-02-1958 5-2-1958.pdf82.42 KB
Old Monterey Tales 05-07-1958 5-7-1958.pdf80.92 KB
Echoing Mrs. Hoover 05-12-1958 5-12-1958.pdf83.94 KB
La Favorita, 1958 05-14-1958 5-14-1958.pdf78.57 KB
Concepcion Arguello 05-19-1958 5-19-1958.pdf76.54 KB
Fabulous San Simeon Castle 05-22-1958 5-22-1958.pdf80.7 KB
Bristlecone Pines 05-23-1958 5-23-1958.pdf78.94 KB
Memorial Performance 05-28-1958 5-28-1958.pdf79.89 KB
Stevenson House 10-02-1959 10-2-1959.pdf80.69 KB
Museum Meeting 10-05-1959 10-5-1959.pdf80.96 KB
Mission Benches 10-07-1959 10-7-1959.pdf79.62 KB
Mt. Vernon 10-09-1959 10-9-1959.pdf79.97 KB
Old Chinatown 10-12-1959 10-12-1959.pdf78.73 KB
New History In Monterey 10-21-1959 10-21-1959.pdf79.83 KB
Pacific Squadron in Monterey 10-23-1959 10-23-1959.pdf79.32 KB
Hawaiian Mystery 10-26-1959 10-26-1959.pdf76.65 KB
A Living Memorial 10-30-1959 10-30-1959.pdf80.21 KB
Birth Of The Red Cross 11-02-1959 11-2-1959.pdf82.52 KB
First Red Cross 11-06-1959 11-6-1959.pdf79.37 KB
History Goes On Auction 11-09-1959 11-9-1959.pdf81.23 KB
Christmas Time And Cats 11-11-1959 11-11-1959.pdf79.34 KB
Historic Gold Dust Shipment 11-18-1959 11-18-1959.pdf80.56 KB
Official Compliment 11-25-1959 11-25-1959.pdf79.46 KB
A Busy First Year 11-30-1959 11-30-1959.pdf83.46 KB
Historic Points 12-04-1959 12-4-1959.pdf81.41 KB
Moving The Consulate 12-09-1959 12-9-1959.pdf82.89 KB
Historic Railroad 12-10-1959 12-10-1959.pdf81.42 KB
A Sight To Behold 12-11-1959 12-11-1959.pdf81.29 KB
He Was Workin’ On The Railroad 12-14-1959 12-14-1959.pdf77.07 KB
Life In Old Monterey 12-16-1959 12-16-1959.pdf79.46 KB
Stevenson House 12-21-1959 12-21-1959.pdf80.87 KB
Christmas Letter 12-24-1959 12-24-1959.pdf80.99 KB
Old School Compositions 03-25-1957 3-25-1957.pdf80.97 KB
Country Schools 04-19-1965 4-19-1965.pdf77.74 KB
Graves School 04-21-1965 4-21-1965.pdf78.44 KB
The First ‘Foreigner’ 07-13-1954 7-13-1954.pdf80.07 KB
50 Years of Teaching 07-22-1955 7-22-1955.pdf80.56 KB
More About Old Pianos 08-06-1965 8-6-1965.pdf80 KB
Songs of Another Day 08-30-1954 8-30-1954.pdf82.25 KB
Our First Schools 09-11-1957 9-11-1957.pdf80.46 KB
Early Gold Coins 06-19-1953 6-19-1953.pdf81.45 KB
A Flag-Raising 07-01-1955 7-1-1955.pdf78.52 KB
First School Teacher 08-15-1966 8-15-1966.pdf78.33 KB
The Spanish Lion And the Mexican Serpent 10-03-1951 10-3-1951.pdf82.87 KB
St. Catherine’s Monterey Academy 11-01-1967 11-1-1967.pdf83.06 KB
School in Hawaii For Californians 04-17-1968 4-17-1968.pdf78.67 KB
Early Day Island School 05-01-1968 5-1-1968.pdf80.53 KB
Carmel’s Lost Mine 09-20-1968 9-20-1968.pdf79.75 KB
The Lost Oak Tree 11-06-1968 11-6-1968.pdf75.1 KB
A Pioneer At Five 03-05-1952 3-5-1952.pdf78.93 KB
A Solid Fortune Founded on A Dollar 05-05-1952 5-5-1952.pdf81.53 KB
Irene, the Speckled Hen 05-13-1952 5-13-1952.pdf80.76 KB
My Washie Washie Boy 05-14-1952 5-14-1952.pdf79.79 KB
In The Spanish Manner 05-15-1952 5-15-1952.pdf78.52 KB
Black Bart, Bard 05-16-1952 5-16-1952.pdf77.63 KB
Eliza Farnham’s Folly 05-19-1952 5-19-1952.pdf80.44 KB
Attention, Sailors! 05-21-1952 5-21-1952.pdf80.83 KB
Grade A Spareribs 05-20-1952 5-20-19520.pdf80.31 KB
Monterey Duenna 05-22-1952 5-22-1952.pdf81.38 KB
California Colony 05-23-1952 5-23-1952.pdf79.32 KB
Selfish Dr. Marsh 05-26-1952 5-26-1952.pdf80.25 KB
The Wrong Steer 05-27-1952 5-27-1952.pdf80.48 KB
Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin 05-28-1952 5-28-1952.pdf81.65 KB
Imported Spuds From Spain 05-29-1952 5-29-1952.pdf80.5 KB
Again to Memory Garden 05-30-1952 5-30-1952.pdf79.11 KB
Wild Horses and Wild Indians 06-02-1952 6-2-1952.pdf76.85 KB
California Carts 06-03-1952 6-3-1952.pdf78.43 KB
Early Library 06-04-1952 6-4-1952.pdf108.61 KB
Runaway Sailors 06-05-1952 6-5-1952.pdf78.39 KB
Medicine Man 06-06-1952 6-6-1952.pdf78.02 KB
The First Lawyer Had a Scheme 06-09-1952 6-9-1952.pdf80.98 KB
Joint Birthdays 06-10-1952 6-10-1952.pdf79.16 KB
Suitable Site for a Sawmill 06-12-1952 6-12-1952.pdf79.66 KB
On Bear Flag Day 06-13-1952 6-13-1952.pdf80.53 KB
Top Ten Historic Spots 06-16-1952 6-16-1952.pdf87.19 KB
Additional Historic Spots 06-17-1952 6-17-1952.pdf78.59 KB
Not So Long Ago 06-18-1952 6-18-1952.pdf79.83 KB
Souvenir Program 06-19-1952 6-19-1952.pdf79.51 KB
The Bear Killer 06-20-1952 6-20-1952.pdf79.63 KB
A Spanish Cape 06-23-1952 6-23-1952.pdf81.39 KB
Early California Gardens 06-24-1952 6-24-1952.pdf79.77 KB
Brides and Horses 06-25-1952 6-25-1952.pdf78.18 KB
Harvesting the Wheat 06-26-1952 6-26-1952.pdf79.58 KB
Old Time Mills 06-27-1952 6-27-1952.pdf79.12 KB
The History and Art Association 06-02-1958 6-2-1958.pdf80.45 KB
‘Fabulous San Simeon’ 06-11-1958 6-11-1958.pdf80.05 KB
‘Under Three Flags' 06-13-1958 6-13-1958.pdf78.79 KB
Gold Rush Steamers 06-16-1958 6-16-1958.pdf81.29 KB
Scholze and His Park 06-20-1958 6-20-1958.pdf80.4 KB
Scholze Dedication 06-25-1958 6-25-1958.pdf78.54 KB
San Jose’s Old Jail 06-30-1958 6-30-1958.pdf80.8 KB
The Steamer ‘Empire City’ 07-01-1958 7-1-1958.pdf81.72 KB
Historical Pilgrimage 07-04-1958 7-4-1958.pdf83.77 KB
Spanish Arcadia 07-07-1958 7-7-1958.pdf77.08 KB