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Noticias del Puerto de Monterey

Noticias Vol. 1 No. 1

Noticias del Puerto de Monterey (titled Noticias de Monterey in part of 2005 and 2006), was a quarterly newsletter of Monterey history published by the Monterey History and Art Association from 1957 and until 2009. Over the years, the quarterly publication became irregular, and after a one-year gap in 2007 a very large 50th anniversary commemorative issue was published. Noticias articles generally address people, places, and events in and around Monterey. The articles were researched and written by local historians and/or knowledgeable members of the Association. The Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library holds a complete set of Noticias. All but a few issues are available here as searchable PDF files. A text index for 1968 through 2000 and a table of contents for 1957 through 1966 are avilable here and at MHOD.

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Peninsula Diary

Historian and Journalist Mayo Hayes O’Donnell (1892-1978) wrote the column “Peninsula Diary” in the Monterey Peninsula Herald from 1949 until 1970. The column was devoted to historical accounts of early California and the significance of Monterey in the early days of the state.

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Mayo Hayes O'Donnell preparing her newspaper column in San Jose


2529 columns are transcribed, uploaded and searchable on this site.

Title Column Date PDF
Historic Gifts 07-15-1958 7-15-1958.pdf81.39 KB
Stand Out of the Way 07-16-1958 7-16-1958.pdf80.34 KB
The Sloss Collection 07-18-1958 7-18-1958.pdf83.65 KB
‘Monterey Memorial Issue’ 07-21-1958 7-21-1958.pdf79.97 KB
Side-wheeler Tragedy 07-23-1958 7-23-1958.pdf79.58 KB
Riley’s Farewell 08-01-1958 8-1-1958.pdf79.73 KB
Overland Mail Days 08-04-1958 8-4-1958.pdf81.06 KB
House of Treasure 08-15-1958 8-15-1958.pdf77.05 KB
St. Augustine 08-25-1958 8-25-1958.pdf78.25 KB
The Manuscript Society 08-26-1958 8-26-1958.pdf83.71 KB
Jedediah Smith Redwoods 08-29-1958 8-29-1958.pdf81.27 KB
1770 Report 09-01-1958 9-1-1958.pdf81.58 KB
Los Coches 09-02-1958 9-2-1958.pdf83.21 KB
Signing the Constitution 09-05-1958 9-5-1958.pdf79.22 KB
Birthday Celebration 09-08-1958 9-8-1958.pdf80.22 KB
The First Emigration 09-10-1958 9-10-1958.pdf82.54 KB
‘Pioneers of 1841’ 09-12-1958 9-12-1958.pdf82.27 KB
Historical Powerhouse 09-15-1958 9-15-1958.pdf78.72 KB
‘Overland Mail Days’ 09-17-1958 9-17-1958.pdf79.9 KB
‘Welcome to California’ 09-22-1958 9-22-1958.pdf83.51 KB
Little Girl’s Wardrobe 09-24-1958 9-24-1958.pdf79.75 KB
Overland Mail Stamp 09-26-1958 9-26-1958.pdf80.73 KB
Overland Mail Bag 09-29-1958 9-29-1958.pdf80.17 KB
Monterey’s First Theater 07-29-1968 7-29-1968.pdf83.72 KB
Know Them by Their Brands 08-08-1968 8-8-1968.pdf82.17 KB
Early Day Medicine 09-28-1967 9-28-1967.pdf78.01 KB
Bull and Bear Fights 06-30-1952 6-30-1952.pdf79.99 KB
New Year’s Eve In Early Days 01-01-1957 1-1-1957.pdf84.27 KB
2 Trails 01-04-1957 1-4-1957.pdf84.09 KB
The Trip to Jolon 01-28-1957 1-28-1957.pdf81.05 KB
First Statue of Lincoln 02-04-1953 2-4-1953.pdf80.02 KB
Front Page, News, Circa 1848 07-08-1953 7-8-1953.pdf82.9 KB
A Job Well Done 07-14-1965 7-14-1965.pdf78.84 KB
A Tour of Historic Monuments 09-07-1964 9-7-1964.pdf78.21 KB
Guarding The Gifts of History 09-30-1964 9-30-1964.pdf77.89 KB
Early Projects 11-04-1964 11-4-1964.pdf80.17 KB
Mary Greene in Mexico 10-08-1958 10-8-1958.pdf80.4 KB
Father Serra’s Birthplace 10-10-1958 10-10-1958.pdf80.98 KB
October Anniversaries 10-15-1958 10-15-1958.pdf79.83 KB
Awnings to Railroads 10-17-1958 10-17-1958.pdf80.07 KB
Monterey’s USO 10-20-1958 10-20-1958.pdf77.54 KB
‘A Secret Journal’ 10-22-1958 10-22-1958.pdf83.28 KB
Point Lobos Anniversary 10-24-1958 10-24-1958.pdf82.81 KB
The Largest Adobe 10-28-1958 10-28-1958.pdf79 KB
First Newspaper 10-27-1965 10-27-1965.pdf80.65 KB
Oliver Larkin’s Birthday 10-29-1958 10-29-1958.pdf79.62 KB
Story of a Birthplace 10-31-1958 10-31-1958.pdf83.13 KB
Accepting Serra's House 10-05-1958 11-5-1958.pdf81.36 KB
Point Lobos History 11-07-1958 11-7-1958.pdf81.77 KB
Rare Old Maps 11-10-1958 11-10-1958.pdf83.04 KB
‘November Romeria’ 11-12-1958 11-12-1958.pdf83.02 KB
‘The City of History’ 11-14-1958 11-14-1958.pdf83.18 KB
Sampling, A Lost Art 11-17-1958 11-17-1958.pdf79.57 KB
Battle of Natividad 11-20-1958 11-20-1958.pdf80.11 KB
The Story of a Battle 11-21-1958 11-21-1958.pdf82.52 KB
Tribute to Both Sides 11-24-1958 11-24-1958.pdf82.38 KB
Thanksgiving Day, 1878 11-26-1958 11-26-1958.pdf81.83 KB
The Westerners Foundation 11-28-1958 11-28-1958.pdf78.74 KB
Historic Scouting Program 12-01-1958 12-1-1958.pdf80.53 KB
Mission Anniversaries 12-03-1958 12-3-1958.pdf79.39 KB
Old Monterey In the News 12-05-1958 12-5-1958.pdf80.27 KB
Cannery Row and Coloma 12-11-1958 12-11-1958.pdf79.7 KB
Letter Writer’s Monterey 12-12-1958 12-12-1958.pdf79.43 KB
Monterey vs. Santa Barbara 12-15-1958 12-15-1958.pdf80.48 KB
‘Los Pastores’ 12-22-1958 12-22-1958.pdf79.47 KB
Monterey Christmas, 1846 12-23-1958 12-23-1958.pdf81.45 KB
Two Monterey Christmases 12-24-1958 12-24-1958.pdf81.68 KB
Westward Drive 12-26-1958 12-26-1958.pdf77.57 KB
5 Old Adobes Open Tomorrow 07-01-1952 7-1-1952.pdf79.83 KB
‘A Piney Paradise’ Reviewed 07-02-1952 7-2-1952.pdf80.9 KB
Some California Book Notes 07-03-1952 7-3-1952.pdf81.18 KB
Lithograph of Early Monterey 07-07-1952 7-7-1952.pdf81.2 KB
‘Fabricas’ 07-08-1952 7-8-1952.pdf79.14 KB
How Monterey Got Its First Piano 07-09-1952 7-9-1952.pdf81.28 KB
On the King’s Highway 07-10-1952 7-10-1952.pdf81.71 KB
Invitation to a Celebration 07-11-1952 7-11-1952.pdf80.52 KB
Flowers For The Fire Department 07-14-1952 7-14-1952.pdf81.58 KB
Her Hand in Marriage 07-15-1952 7-15-1952.pdf79.27 KB
Emphatic ‘Yes’ Or ‘No’ 07-16-1952 7-16-1952.pdf81.72 KB
A Room Over the Calaboose 07-17-1952 7-17-1952.pdf81.15 KB
Raisins and Beads for Gold 07-18-1952 7-18-1952.pdf79.31 KB
Earliest School 07-21-1952 7-21-1952.pdf81.04 KB
From a Teacher’s Diary 07-22-1952 7-22-1952.pdf82.64 KB
French Pessimists 07-23-1952 7-23-1952.pdf78.77 KB
The City by the Slough 07-25-1952 7-25-1952.pdf82.4 KB
The Rites of Possession 07-29-1952 7-29-1952.pdf78.42 KB
A Skull, A Spring, A Tree 07-30-1952 7-30-1952.pdf79.25 KB
The Old Names Were the Best 07-31-1952 7-31-1952.pdf81.82 KB
Pistol-Point Prestige 08-01-1952 8-1-1952.pdf80.13 KB
Month of Anniversaries 08-04-1952 8-4-1952.pdf79.74 KB
Whistler’s Art In California 08-06-1952 8-6-1952.pdf77.91 KB
Narrative of a Western Trapper 08-08-1952 8-8-1952.pdf79.96 KB
O (Barefoot) Pioneers! 08-11-1952 8-11-1952.pdf80.06 KB
Settlers With Skins of Blue 08-13-1952 8-13-1952.pdf78.49 KB
First Governor of California 08-15-1952 8-15-1952.pdf80.09 KB
‘A Piney Paradise’ 08-18-1952 8-18-1952.pdf79.34 KB
Hawaii’s View of Our Gold Rush 08-20-1952 8-20-1952.pdf81.84 KB
A Discriminating Shopper 08-22-1952 8-22-1952.pdf80.5 KB
On Whiskey Hill 08-25-1952 8-25-1952.pdf78.39 KB
Old Treasures 08-29-1952 8-29-1952.pdf79.06 KB
Lavish Rewards for Poet In 1850 09-03-1952 9-3-1952.pdf79.68 KB
Tour of Buffalo Bill Country 09-05-1952 9-5-1952.pdf79.66 KB
The Hoover Crisis 09-09-1952 9-9-1952.pdf78.85 KB
A Visit to Greenfield Village 09-15-1952 9-15-1952.pdf80.56 KB
More About Greenfield Village 09-17-1952 9-17-1952.pdf79.75 KB
The Episcopal Convention 09-19-1952 9-19-1952.pdf79.38 KB
‘One If By Land; Two If By Sea’ 09-22-1952 9-22-1952.pdf80.66 KB
Churches of Old Boston Town 09-24-1952 9-24-1952.pdf82.24 KB
Heroes, Authors and Mrs. Goose 09-25-1952 9-25-1952.pdf83 KB
Author of ‘Seventh Heaven’ Was Grandson of R.L.S. 09-26-1952 9-26-1952.pdf81.36 KB
Land of The Midnight Ride 09-29-1952 9-29-1952.pdf80.93 KB
The Old Home of Paul Revere 10-01-1952 10-1-1952.pdf78.99 KB
A Sad Departure From Boston 10-03-1952 10-3-1952.pdf83.32 KB
New England: Antiquity and Charm 10-06-1952 10-6-1952.pdf80.13 KB
The American of Booth Tarkington 10-08-1952 10-8-1952.pdf79.51 KB
Where ‘Orphant Annie’ Lived 10-10-1952 10-10-1952.pdf77.79 KB
The Badlands of Dakota 10-13-1952 10-13-1952.pdf79.21 KB
The Voyage of the Ship ‘Civilian’ 10-15-1952 10-15-1952.pdf81.32 KB
‘I Never Met a Man I Didn’t Like’ 10-17-1952 10-17-1952.pdf79.87 KB
The Curators Hold A Conference 10-20-1952 10-20-1952.pdf80.08 KB
More Adventures in The South 10-22-1952 10-22-1952.pdf79.62 KB
Will Rogers’ Ranch, Pio Pico’s Adobe 10-24-1952 10-24-1952.pdf80.69 KB
‘Know Your Own State’ 10-27-1952 10-27-1952.pdf78.29 KB
Replica of An Old Hacienda 10-29-1952 10-29-1952.pdf77.48 KB
From Golden Age to Age of Gold 10-31-1952 10-31-1952.pdf79.78 KB
Exhibition of Indian Art 11-03-1952 11-3-1952.pdf76.04 KB
Reminiscences of Early Days 11-05-1952 11-5-1952.pdf83.09 KB
A Medallion from West Point 11-07-1952 11-7-1952.pdf79.13 KB
A Letter From Mrs. Boronda 11-10-1952 11-10-1952.pdf78.31 KB
Suggestion for Improvement 11-12-1952 11-12-1952.pdf81.95 KB
Jack Swan’s Rooming House 11-14-1952 11-14-1952.pdf80.42 KB
Chronicle of the Golden State 11-17-1952 11-17-1952.pdf79.44 KB
First Theatre Has Long History 11-19-1952 11-19-1952.pdf79.45 KB
Monterey Had the First P.O. 11-21-1952 11-21-1952.pdf81.15 KB
Raffle of the Castro Adobe 11-24-1952 11-24-1952.pdf80.86 KB
A Visitor to Casa Soberanes 11-26-1952 11-26-1952.pdf78.16 KB
Dutch John Beset by Bandits 11-28-1952 11-28-1952.pdf78.43 KB
Cult Met in Joaquin Rocks 12-05-1952 12-5-1952.pdf78.11 KB
‘The Poor, Deluded People’ 12-08-1952 12-8-1952.pdf75.92 KB
Symbols of a Vanished Era 12-10-1952 12-10-1952.pdf78.81 KB
Miracle in Tepeyac 12-12-1952 12-12-1952.pdf77.41 KB
Museum Exhibits 03-12-1965 3-12-1965.pdf79.17 KB
Early Jewelers of Monterey 04-27-1953 4-27-1953.pdf82.07 KB
El Toro Bridge 05-04-1955 5-4-1955.pdf80.88 KB
First Printed Invitation 05-09-1968 5-9-1968.pdf84.41 KB
A Beautiful Favorita 05-23-1968 5-23-1968.pdf80.57 KB
The Changing Light 07-07-1966 7-7-1966.pdf77.29 KB
Pt. Pinos Lighthouse 08-27-1954 8-27-1954.pdf82.24 KB
Treasure Sale Coming Up 09-01-1966 9-1-1966.pdf76.64 KB
Early Monterey Library 09-13-1968 9-13-1968.pdf78.51 KB
Press Destroyed By Fire 09-26-1956 9-26-1956.pdf82.04 KB
Early Medicine in West 10-04-1967 10-4-1967.pdf79.24 KB
Mystery Anchor 11-07-1964 11-7-1964.pdf78.51 KB
More on the Jail 11-15-1965 11-15-1965.pdf78.15 KB
History Of Libraries 11-18-1966 11-18-1966.pdf78.69 KB
Monterey’s Other Jails 11-22-1965 11-22-1965.pdf80.43 KB
Library Beginnings 12-05-1966 12-5-1966.pdf78.97 KB
A Visit to ‘Wagon Cave’ 02-01-1957 2-1-1957.pdf80.34 KB
Early San Franciscans 02-04-1957 2-4-1957.pdf81.58 KB
A Business Man 02-06-1957 2-6-1957.pdf81.13 KB
Keepsakes for 1956 02-08-1957 2-8-1957.pdf82.06 KB
Open House Tomorrow 02-11-1957 2-11-1957.pdf77.4 KB
A Zamorano Letter 02-13-1957 2-13-1957.pdf80.08 KB
Peninsula Ballet 02-15-1957 2-15-1957.pdf83.58 KB
A Letter from Gen. Grant 02-18-1957 2-18-1957.pdf81.23 KB
What Garland Saw 02-20-1957 2-20-1957.pdf80.77 KB
Casa Pacheco 02-25-1957 2-25-1957.pdf76.56 KB
The Oliver Adobe 03-01-1957 3-1-1957.pdf80.39 KB
Cost of the Larkin House 03-08-1957 3-8-1957.pdf81.23 KB
Larkin’s Life 03-11-1957 3-11-1957.pdf81.82 KB
An Unusual Meeting 03-13-1957 3-13-1957.pdf77.85 KB
Jedediah Smith 03-15-1957 3-15-1957.pdf80.04 KB
A Report from Russia 03-20-1957 3-20-1957.pdf77.95 KB
Soledad Mission 03-22-1957 3-22-1957.pdf81.58 KB
Comedy of Errors 03-27-1957 3-27-1957.pdf84.06 KB
An Old Well 03-29-1957 3-29-1957.pdf84.94 KB
Our First Newspaper 04-08-1957 4-8-1957.pdf80.78 KB
La Favorita 05-20-1957 5-20-1957.pdf81.86 KB
How the Gamblers Helped . . . 04-01-1957 4-1-1957.pdf81.28 KB
The Custom House Robbery 04-03-1957 4-3-1957.pdf81.23 KB
Monterey’s First Piano 04-05-1957 4-5-1957.pdf81.65 KB
Occupation: Loafing 04-10-1957 4-10-1957.pdf79.14 KB
The Allen House 04-15-1957 4-15-1957.pdf77.58 KB
Gold Under the Stairs 04-17-1957 4-17-1957.pdf80.52 KB
Two Sixpenny Pieces 04-19-1957 4-19-1957.pdf82.23 KB
Charley Was A Woman 04-22-1957 4-22-1957.pdf83.47 KB
The Lenore Pearls 04-24-1957 4-24-1957.pdf80.28 KB
John Muir 04-26-1957 4-26-1957.pdf77.61 KB
A New Quarterly 04-29-1957 4-29-1957.pdf78.8 KB
Downtrodden Here, Too 05-01-1957 5-1-1957.pdf80.58 KB
Hiram Scott 05-06-1957 5-6-1957.pdf82.57 KB
Santa Cruz Pioneers 05-08-1957 5-8-1957.pdf79.72 KB
The Stagecoach 05-15-1957 5-15-1957.pdf82.1 KB
Cedar Cottage 06-12-1957 6-12-1957.pdf83.23 KB
The Murphy Home 06-14-1957 6-14-1957.pdf82.87 KB
Portola’s Signature 06-19-1957 6-19-1957.pdf81.09 KB
Portola’s Trek 06-21-1957 6-21-1957.pdf80.8 KB
New Books 06-26-1957 6-26-1957.pdf80.35 KB
Oregon 07-01-1957 7-1-1957.pdf80.15 KB
Victoria 07-03-1957 7-3-1957.pdf78.62 KB