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Noticias del Puerto de Monterey

Noticias Vol. 1 No. 1

Noticias del Puerto de Monterey (titled Noticias de Monterey in part of 2005 and 2006), was a quarterly newsletter of Monterey history published by the Monterey History and Art Association from 1957 and until 2009. Over the years, the quarterly publication became irregular, and after a one-year gap in 2007 a very large 50th anniversary commemorative issue was published. Noticias articles generally address people, places, and events in and around Monterey. The articles were researched and written by local historians and/or knowledgeable members of the Association. The Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library holds a complete set of Noticias. All but a few issues are available here as searchable PDF files. A text index for 1968 through 2000 and a table of contents for 1957 through 1966 are avilable here and at MHOD.

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Peninsula Diary

Historian and Journalist Mayo Hayes O’Donnell (1892-1978) wrote the column “Peninsula Diary” in the Monterey Peninsula Herald from 1949 until 1970. The column was devoted to historical accounts of early California and the significance of Monterey in the early days of the state.

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Mayo Hayes O'Donnell preparing her newspaper column in San Jose


2529 columns are transcribed, uploaded and searchable on this site.

Title Column Date PDF
Monterey Pioneer of 1848 05-31-1968 5-31-1968.pdf78.36 KB
How To Keep Tobacco Dry 06-03-1968 6-3-1968.pdf80.46 KB
Monterey’s Museum Board 06-04-1968 6-4-1968.pdf78.21 KB
Those Quaint Names 06-05-1968 6-5-1968.pdf81.28 KB
The Long Ago Theater 06-07-1968 6-7-1968.pdf80.1 KB
How Twain Missed Mark 06-10-1968 6-10-1968.pdf81.24 KB
Civic Club Had a Ball 06-12-1968 6-12-1968.pdf78.31 KB
When Life Was Cheap 06-14-1968 6-14-1968.pdf76.01 KB
California Hospitality 06-19-1968 6-19-1968.pdf79.14 KB
The Navy School Gardens 06-24-1968 6-24-1968.pdf81 KB
All About the Teddy Bear 06-26-1968 6-26-1968.pdf80.35 KB
Old Cemetery Epitaphs 06-28-1968 6-28-1968.pdf80.15 KB
Early Mexican Surveys 07-01-1968 7-1-1968.pdf77.37 KB
Our Presidio of Monterey 07-03-1968 7-3-1968.pdf80.92 KB
Mexican Grants 07-07-1968 7-7-1968.pdf75.86 KB
Mexican Grants 07-08-1968 7-8-1968.pdf85.2 KB
First Frame House 08-01-1968 8-1-1968.pdf78.96 KB
California Conquest Related in Letters 08-05-1968 8-5-1968.pdf81.24 KB
Some Famous ‘Firsts’ 08-07-1968 8-7-1968.pdf78.92 KB
Local Buffalo Stories 03-13-1969 3-13-1969.pdf81.73 KB
California’s First Newspaper 07-31-1968 7-31-1968.pdf81.63 KB
The Washtub Mail 08-14-1968 8-14-1968.pdf104.68 KB
A Strange Sail 11-08-1965 11-8-1965.pdf79.27 KB
Famous California Firsts 11-10-1965 11-10-1965.pdf81.64 KB
Fr. Serra’s Anniversary 11-19-1965 11-19-1965.pdf79.32 KB
The Name California 12-06-1965 12-6-1965.pdf79.54 KB
98 And Still Writing 12-08-1965 12-8-1965.pdf81.4 KB
The Book Of Visitors 12-10-1965 12-10-1965.pdf78.25 KB
The Two Teddy Bears 12-27-1965 12-27-1965.pdf80.35 KB
Letter From Mexico 12-29-1965 12-29-1965.pdf78.58 KB
First Monument to Lincoln 02-06-1953 2-6-1953.pdf78.25 KB
The Mother Lode Country 03-20-1953 3-20-1953.pdf79.5 KB
A New Metropolis 03-30-1953 3-30-1953.pdf81.58 KB
Flag raising In California 04-06-1953 4-6-1953.pdf80.88 KB
When the Artists Came 06-26-1953 6-26-1953.pdf80.15 KB
Theater in Old Monterey 07-17-1968 7-17-1968.pdf80.88 KB
Save The Perry House 09-08-1966 9-8-1966.pdf80.79 KB
The Church Cemeteries 09-02-1968 9-2-1968.pdf78.66 KB
Colton Hall Courthouse 09-04-1968 9-4-1968.pdf79.7 KB
The Moorish Cannon 09-10-1968 9-10-1968.pdf76.41 KB
Whalebone In Monterey 09-25-1968 9-25-1968.pdf76.09 KB
Interesting Bit of History 10-02-1968 10-2-1968.pdf78.73 KB
Historical Landmarks 10-04-1968 10-4-1968.pdf78.78 KB
Frances A. Elkins Park 10-11-1968 10-11-1968.pdf78.24 KB
The Early Navigators 10-21-1968 10-21-1968.pdf81.73 KB
Monterey Was Once a Good Baseball Town 11-13-1968 11-13-19680.pdf79.41 KB
State’s ’76 Veteran Honored 11-22-1968 11-22-1968.pdf77.87 KB
First Printing 11-26-1968 11-26-1968.pdf78.95 KB
The Old French House 11-28-1968 11-28-1968.pdf80.04 KB
Our Mormon First Governor 12-18-1968 12-18-1968.pdf80.32 KB
Stevenson House 12-31-1968 12-31-1968.pdf76.46 KB
Historical Bits 02-20-1953 2-20-1953.pdf78.45 KB
Valuable Book 01-03-1969 1-3-19690.pdf81.95 KB
The Angels Sang 03-04-1960 3-4-1960.pdf101.58 KB
Capitular Hall 03-26-1965 3-26-1965.pdf80.12 KB
USO Month Success 04-18-1958 4-18-1958.pdf79.55 KB
A Gunner’s Log 05-14-1955 5-14-1955.pdf80.63 KB
‘Bancroftiana’ 05-18-1955 5-18-1955.pdf80.48 KB
Notes on Books 07-17-1964 7-17-1964.pdf79.26 KB
Notes From Here And There 09-03-1962 9-3-1962.pdf81.58 KB
1878 Bowling 09-18-1959 9-18-1959.pdf84.67 KB
Our First Printer 10-10-1956 10-10-1956.pdf78.49 KB
An Abundance of Fruit 11-30-1951 11-30-1951.pdf80.1 KB
Patience and Her Garden 12-11-1967 12-11-1967.pdf79.36 KB
Viva Nuestro Pueblecito 02-17-1970 2-17-1970.pdf76.48 KB
Mexico Day Fiesta 04-17-1970 4-17-1970.pdf75.45 KB
Adobe as Building Material 04-27-1970 4-27-1970.pdf81.47 KB
Bringing the Spanish Sword and Catholic Cross to California 05-14-1970 5-14-1970.pdf79.89 KB
Covered With Money 11-18-1968 11-18-1968.pdf75.18 KB
California’s First Newspaper 02-29-1956 2-29-1956.pdf81.93 KB
A Secure And Solid Jail 03-06-1961 3-6-1961.pdf80.41 KB
Saving Our Pines 03-31-1959 3-31-1959.pdf77.48 KB
Salt and Timber 05-13-1951 5-13-1951.pdf83.89 KB
First Tourist in California 06-08-1970 6-8-1970.pdf77.72 KB
The Ladies Book Club 07-24-1961 7-24-1961.pdf84.41 KB
Community Chest Up to Now 10-01-1951 10-1-1951.pdf82.99 KB
When the Indians Revolted 10-08-1951 10-8-1951.pdf80.78 KB
Original and Autographed 10-13-1951 10-13-1951.pdf80.5 KB
A New Publication 11-26-1956 11-26-1956.pdf79.53 KB
Some Christmas Books 11-28-1956 11-28-1956.pdf80.86 KB
Let Us Not Forget 02-11-1969 2-11-1969.pdf77.58 KB
Santa Clara Ranchos 02-20-1969 2-20-1969.pdf76.56 KB
Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo 03-07-1969 3-7-1969.pdf76.78 KB
Colton Hall Museum 03-11-1969 3-11-1969.pdf79.66 KB
Our First Centennial 03-19-1969 3-19-1969.pdf80.8 KB
Early Western Printing 01-02-1957 1-2-1957.pdf79.66 KB
A Norris Memorial 01-18-1957 1-18-1957.pdf80.39 KB
A Report On ‘Rats’ 01-21-1957 1-21-1957.pdf79.11 KB
Some Recent Books 01-23-1957 1-23-1957.pdf80.51 KB
Kicking Bear’s Art 01-25-1957 1-25-1957.pdf80.25 KB
San Antonio Mission 01-30-1957 1-30-1957.pdf78.79 KB
Vancouver’s Voyage 05-03-1957 5-3-1957.pdf79.84 KB
The Merienda 05-13-1957 5-13-1957.pdf78.07 KB
The Overland Mail 05-17-1957 5-17-1957.pdf81.45 KB
A Past Merienda 05-22-1957 5-22-1957.pdf79.58 KB
Founding the Society 05-27-1957 5-27-1957.pdf78.57 KB
187th Anniversary 05-29-1957 5-29-1957.pdf78.51 KB
The Old Dutton Hotel 05-31-1957 5-31-1957.pdf79.44 KB
A Rebuking Ghost 06-05-1957 6-5-1957.pdf79.02 KB
Early Resorts 06-10-1957 6-10-1957.pdf80.8 KB
The Murphy Home 06-14-1957 6-14-1957.pdf80.64 KB
Some Choice Books 06-24-1957 6-24-1957.pdf81.37 KB
Old Columbia School 08-12-1957 8-12-1957.pdf80.88 KB
‘California Firsts’ 09-09-1957 9-9-1957.pdf80.81 KB
First Theaters 09-11-1957 9-11-1957.pdf80.79 KB
Last of the Grizzlies 01-01-1954 1-1-1954.pdf78.58 KB
The First Centennial 01-22-1969 1-22-1969.pdf80.43 KB
Monterey’s 100th Birthday 01-30-1969 1-30-1969.pdf78.94 KB
Reunion: July 5, 1886 02-06-1969 2-6-1969.pdf81.86 KB
Soledad Mission 04-16-1954 4-16-1954.pdf79.85 KB
Mariposa’s Centennial 04-21-1954 4-21-1954.pdf80.55 KB
Loneliest of the Missions 04-26-1954 4-26-1954.pdf78.52 KB
Old Pictures Help Trace History of Monterey 05-19-1950 5-19-1950.pdf84.23 KB
Another Birthday 05-30-1955 5-30-1955.pdf81.78 KB
When California Became a State 08-16-1950 8-16-1950.pdf82.38 KB
The Wreck of the Natalie 10-08-1954 10-8-1954.pdf80.31 KB
Colton as Alcalde 09-15-1950 9-15-1950.pdf82.5 KB
Empty Eggshells 07-09-1951 7-9-1951.pdf79.8 KB
The Sleepy Hollow Of The Pacific 09-21-1951 9-21-1951.pdf80.17 KB
September Meeting 08-27-1952 8-27-1952.pdf79.12 KB
‘The End of the Trail’ 09-18-1953 9-18-1953.pdf83.47 KB
‘This Is My Birthday’ 05-09-1951 5-9-1951.pdf78.2 KB
A Link With the Past 09-11-1953 9-11-1953.pdf82.65 KB
Old News Item Recalls Tenants of Castro Adobe 05-14-1954 5-14-1954.pdf85.06 KB
Early Explorers 06-17-1970 6-17-1970.pdf75.92 KB
The Early Ranchos 07-11-1968 7-11-1968.pdf81.28 KB
Tales of Old Monterey 07-19-1968 7-19-1968.pdf80.8 KB
Tavernier's Doom 05-10-1957 5-10-1957.pdf95.51 KB
Pt. Pinos Light 01-06-1966 1-6-1966.pdf100.17 KB