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Noticias del Puerto de Monterey

Noticias Vol. 1 No. 1

Noticias del Puerto de Monterey (titled Noticias de Monterey in part of 2005 and 2006), was a quarterly newsletter of Monterey history published by the Monterey History and Art Association from 1957 and until 2009. Over the years, the quarterly publication became irregular, and after a one-year gap in 2007 a very large 50th anniversary commemorative issue was published. Noticias articles generally address people, places, and events in and around Monterey. The articles were researched and written by local historians and/or knowledgeable members of the Association. The Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library holds a complete set of Noticias. All but a few issues are available here as searchable PDF files. A text index for 1968 through 2000 and a table of contents for 1957 through 1966 are avilable here and at MHOD.

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Peninsula Diary

Historian and Journalist Mayo Hayes O’Donnell (1892-1978) wrote the column “Peninsula Diary” in the Monterey Peninsula Herald from 1949 until 1970. The column was devoted to historical accounts of early California and the significance of Monterey in the early days of the state.

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Mayo Hayes O'Donnell preparing her newspaper column in San Jose


2529 columns are transcribed, uploaded and searchable on this site.

Title Column Date PDF
Rough and Ready 11-04-1957 11-4-1957.pdf80.53 KB
September Days 09-03-1951 9-3-1951.pdf80.47 KB
Early Thespian Efforts 09-04-1951 9-4-1951.pdf82.29 KB
From Horses to Opera 09-06-1951 9-6-1951.pdf79.03 KB
Curtain! 09-07-1951 9-7-1951.pdf79.7 KB
As a Jail of Solidity It Cannot Be Surpassed 09-10-1951 9-10-1951.pdf81.86 KB
A Lagoon Where the Women Washed Their Clothes 09-11-1951 9-11-1951.pdf82.41 KB
Specifications for a Jail 09-12-1951 9-12-1951.pdf80.61 KB
Old Mountain Trader 09-13-1951 9-13-1951.pdf79.83 KB
And What Is Writ Is Writ 09-14-1951 9-14-1951.pdf78.19 KB
A Horse And A Rose 09-17-1951 9-17-1951.pdf79.12 KB
Fiddlesticks in the Maze 09-18-1951 9-18-1951.pdf108.82 KB
With Due Honors to All 09-19-1951 9-19-1951.pdf81.14 KB
The Washtub Mail 09-20-1951 9-20-1951.pdf80.82 KB
From Carmel to Mallorca 09-24-1951 9-24-1951.pdf80.45 KB
The First Lumber House 09-25-1951 9-25-1951.pdf80.66 KB
A Family Library for Sale And Barrels of Beans 09-26-1951 9-26-1951.pdf83.92 KB
Elections ... Forty-Niner Style 09-27-1951 9-27-1951.pdf79.43 KB
Among the ‘49ers 09-28-1951 9-28-1951.pdf80.42 KB
The Interest Grows In History of California 10-09-1951 10-9-1951.pdf80.98 KB
‘You Are Wise, Senor Rowland...’ 10-11-1951 10-11-1951.pdf81.58 KB
Rosemary ... For Remembrance 10-12-1951 10-12-1951.pdf108.03 KB
What Makes the Dill In Dill Pickles? 10-15-1951 10-15-1951.pdf81.61 KB
I Am Vasquez 10-16-1951 10-16-1951.pdf80.25 KB
Delicacies of the Province 10-17-1951 10-17-1951.pdf80.22 KB
The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus 10-18-1951 10-18-1951.pdf107.32 KB
Stagecoach Rediscovered 10-19-1951 10-19-1951.pdf80.75 KB
The Whip Was Often Profane 10-22-1951 10-22-1951.pdf80.89 KB
Under the Fig Tree 10-23-1951 10-23-1951.pdf82.71 KB
In 1846 10-25-1951 10-25-1951.pdf80.92 KB
The Japanese God Unscathed by Fire 10-31-1951 10-31-1951.pdf81.47 KB
More History Conscious 11-13-1951 11-13-1951.pdf80.34 KB
Scraps of Curious History 12-03-1951 12-3-1951.pdf81.06 KB
City of Butterflies 12-04-1951 12-4-1951.pdf82.31 KB
The Landing-Place 12-05-1951 12-5-1951.pdf80.72 KB
A Tree Grows in Monterey 12-06-1951 12-6-1951.pdf80.95 KB
Even Before Gold 12-14-1951 12-14-1951.pdf80.83 KB
Clearing the Road 12-17-1951 12-17-1951.pdf80.45 KB
Papers, Petitions, And a Manifesto 12-18-1951 12-18-1951.pdf81.29 KB
RLS’ Life in Samoa 01-05-1959 1-5-1959.pdf80.92 KB
Samoa 62 Years Ago 01-07-1959 1-7-1959.pdf84.26 KB
California’s Chinese 01-12-1959 1-12-1959.pdf82.45 KB
An Honor From Mallorca 01-16-1959 1-16-1959.pdf80.95 KB
New Orleans Approach 01-21-1959 1-21-1959.pdf83.18 KB
Books Of Yesterday 01-26-1959 1-26-1959.pdf81.66 KB
Mission Architecture 01-28-1959 1-28-1959.pdf81.31 KB
Monterey’s Royal Presidio Chapel 01-30-1959 1-30-1959.pdf79.74 KB
A Daughter’s Story 02-02-1959 2-2-1959.pdf81.16 KB
Monterey in Harpers 02-04-1959 2-4-1959.pdf80.32 KB
Visitor’s Viewpoint: 1882 02-09-1959 2-9-1959.pdf77.96 KB
Important February Dates 02-13-1959 2-13-1959.pdf79.95 KB
Letter from Mallorca 02-16-1959 2-16-1959.pdf79.96 KB
Save Our Scenery 02-17-1959 2-17-1959.pdf79.74 KB
More February Dates 02-20-1959 2-20-1959.pdf78.58 KB
Saving a Mansion 02-23-1959 2-23-1959.pdf81.18 KB
Designer of Monterey’s Seal 02-25-1959 2-25-1959.pdf84.34 KB
Letter from Mary Greene 02-27-1959 2-27-1959.pdf80.19 KB
Clarke’s Fairy Lamps 03-02-1959 3-2-1959.pdf80.29 KB
The Sloat Monument 03-05-1959 3-5-1959.pdf81.95 KB
Presidio History 03-09-1959 3-9-1959.pdf79.72 KB
Monterey’s Early Visitors 03-11-1959 3-11-1959.pdf80.58 KB
The Presidio’s Beginning 03-13-1959 3-13-1959.pdf82.54 KB
Fort Ord’s Ord 03-16-1959 3-16-1959.pdf78.29 KB
Saving Yesterday 03-18-1959 3-18-1959.pdf80.67 KB
Twelfth Mission Tour 03-20-1959 3-20-1959.pdf78.63 KB
History and a Desk 03-23-1959 3-23-1959.pdf79.65 KB
Monterey In 1827 03-25-1959 3-25-1959.pdf78.57 KB
History at the Beach 03-27-1959 3-27-1959.pdf81.56 KB
Famous California Firsts 03-30-1959 3-30-1959.pdf80.85 KB
Monterey’s First Wharves 04-01-1959 4-1-1959.pdf81.44 KB
Falling Down Wharves 04-03-1959 4-3-1959.pdf79.15 KB
Saving Our Heritage 04-06-1959 4-6-1959.pdf80.33 KB
April Is USO Month 04-08-1959 4-8-1959.pdf81.13 KB
The ‘Royal Road’ 04-13-1959 4-13-1959.pdf81.39 KB
Friends Among the Pines 04-15-1959 4-15-1959.pdf78.63 KB
Park Posts 04-17-1959 4-17-1959.pdf78.9 KB
Monterey ‘Hanging’ 04-20-1959 4-20-1959.pdf76.9 KB
Mexican Land Grants 04-22-1959 4-22-1959.pdf77.64 KB
‘What Cheer House’ 04-24-1959 4-24-1959.pdf82.44 KB
Mary Greene In Holland 04-27-1959 4-27-1959.pdf83.95 KB
Thomas Meadows 04-29-1959 4-29-1959.pdf79 KB
Our Oldest Natives 05-01-1959 5-1-1959.pdf81.82 KB
Newton B. Drury 05-06-1959 5-6-1959.pdf80.16 KB
Early Sheet Music 05-08-1959 5-8-1959.pdf80.18 KB
Songs of Wine and Gold 05-11-1959 5-11-1959.pdf84.02 KB
Mary Greene’s Amsterdam 05-15-1959 5-15-1959.pdf80.08 KB
Three Meetings 05-18-1959 5-18-1959.pdf80.21 KB
Mr. Larkin’s Wharf 05-20-1959 5-20-1959.pdf81.46 KB
Big Sur Buffalo Roundup 05-22-1959 5-22-1959.pdf81.25 KB
A Buffalo Vanquished 05-25-1959 5-25-1959.pdf79.05 KB
Ben Harrison, Buffalo 05-27-1959 5-27-1959.pdf79.91 KB
Monterey Bay’s Anchor 05-29-1959 5-29-1959.pdf111.61 KB
Mariano Vallejo 05-26-1965 5-26-1965.pdf78.81 KB
Old Pianos 07-30-1965 7-30-1965.pdf80.63 KB
Stirring Events Recorded 08-20-1965 8-20-1965.pdf80.63 KB
Mt. Whitney or Mt. Churchill 09-06-1965 9-6-1965.pdf77.95 KB
Santa Cruz Fete 09-29-1965 9-29-1965.pdf79.5 KB
Meeting of Ayuntamiento 03-22-1968 3-22-1968.pdf79.35 KB
Our First Jury Trial 09-30-1968 9-30-1968.pdf77.58 KB
Some Travel Notes From 1849 06-09-1965 6-9-1965.pdf80.18 KB
Monterey Bound 06-11-1965 6-11-1965.pdf78.41 KB
Benicia Excursion Set 09-22-1965 9-22-1965.pdf81.58 KB
Briefing At Casa Serrano 09-26-1965 9-26-1965.pdf75.95 KB
The Story of California 12-03-1965 12-3-1965.pdf78.97 KB
Second Paradise 06-03-1959 6-3-1959.pdf80.91 KB
Monterey’s First Depot 06-12-1959 6-12-1959.pdf81.62 KB
Club’s Salute 06-15-1959 6-15-1959.pdf79.27 KB
All-California Books 06-17-1959 6-17-1959.pdf79.5 KB
Newlyweds on Horseback 06-19-1959 6-19-1959.pdf78.2 KB
The Knowland Papers 06-22-1959 6-22-1959.pdf81.78 KB
Jamesburg’s Day 06-24-1959 6-24-1959.pdf81.12 KB
Viennese ‘Old Home Week’ 06-30-1959 6-30-1959.pdf80.59 KB
Volunteered Library 07-06-1959 7-6-1959.pdf81.94 KB
Yesterday’s Clocks 07-10-1959 7-10-1959.pdf80.17 KB
Gift Of A Painting 07-15-1959 7-15-1959.pdf79.64 KB
About Old Dolls 07-17-1959 7-17-1959.pdf81.46 KB
Old Home Week 07-21-1959 7-21-1959.pdf81.21 KB
‘Our Thanks’ 07-29-1959 7-29-1959.pdf76.08 KB
Trail Blazer Saluted 07-31-1959 7-31-1959.pdf80.3 KB
Mary Greene In Paris 08-06-1959 8-6-1959.pdf84.54 KB
As Gettysburg Was 08-07-1959 8-7-1959.pdf81.57 KB
Mallorcan Ceremony 08-10-1959 8-10-1959.pdf79.82 KB
Cave Concert 08-12-1959 8-12-1959.pdf81.29 KB
‘El Conmemoracion’ 08-17-1959 8-17-1959.pdf82.12 KB
California’s Decisive 15 08-21-1959 8-21-1959.pdf82.01 KB
Gold Rush Lithos 08-26-1959 8-26-1959.pdf78 KB
Three Gold Rush Songs 08-28-1959 8-28-1959.pdf85 KB
Captain Du Pont’s Journal 09-02-1959 9-2-1959.pdf82.43 KB
California’s Old Bells 09-09-1959 9-9-1959.pdf79.58 KB
A Journey From Mazatlan To Monterey 09-11-1959 9-11-1959.pdf84.74 KB
Watchdog For Historic Legacy 09-14-1959 9-14-1959.pdf78.87 KB
Jack Swan Liked It Green 09-16-1959 9-16-1959.pdf81.57 KB
1878 Bowling 09-18-1959 9-18-1959.pdf85.69 KB
Outdoor Laboratory 09-25-1959 9-25-1959.pdf79.88 KB
Gateway To Gold Fields 09-28-1959 9-28-1959.pdf80.36 KB
Honor Historian 09-30-1959 9-30-1959.pdf78.15 KB
Dead Men Tell No Tales 03-15-1951 3-15-1951.pdf80.18 KB
Stevenson in Hawaii 01-24-1951 1-24-1951.pdf81.88 KB
J. P. Morgan and Black Bart 05-15-1951 5-15-1951.pdf79.7 KB
Lore of the Branding Iron 08-13-1951 8-13-1951.pdf79.81 KB
The Serra Family 12-13-1951 12-13-1951.pdf79.5 KB
Don’t Blame Me 12-19-1951 12-19-1951.pdf79.3 KB
There Will Be No Alleys 12-20-1951 12-20-1951.pdf80.73 KB
Mark of Gratitude 12-21-1951 12-21-1951.pdf78.14 KB
Christmas Bells 12-22-1965 12-22-1965.pdf80.04 KB
Early Monterey Christmas 12-24-1951 12-24-1951.pdf89.49 KB
Bancroft Library Makes This Year’s Choice 12-27-1951 12-27-1951.pdf77.7 KB
Famous Guest 12-28-1951 12-28-1951.pdf79.6 KB
The President And the Cowboys 12-31-1951 12-31-1951.pdf80.23 KB
’18 Years Alone 09-27-1950 9-27-1950.pdf82.06 KB
Bonifacio Adobe 10-03-1950 10-3-1950.pdf83.13 KB
Mementoes of Gov. Alvarado 11-16-1950 11-16-1950.pdf80.41 KB
Veritable Squibob 01-03-1952 1-3-1952.pdf80.85 KB
Awareness of Intangibles 01-04-1952 1-4-1952.pdf82.23 KB
As Seen Through Early Eyes 01-07-1952 1-7-1952.pdf79.77 KB
Great and Very Special Joy 01-08-1952 1-8-1952.pdf79.76 KB
Lower Limb of the Sun 01-09-1952 1-9-1952.pdf80.64 KB
The Lettuce Cure 01-10-1952 1-10-1952.pdf79.49 KB
The Hard-riding Captain 01-11-1952 1-11-1952.pdf80.73 KB
It Never Rains But It Pours 01-14-1952 1-14-1952.pdf81.42 KB
Years of Drought 01-15-1952 1-15-1952.pdf78.37 KB
It Was to Laugh 01-16-1952 1-16-1952.pdf81.07 KB
Monuments and Markers 01-17-1952 1-17-1952.pdf84.76 KB
Narrative of a Voyage 01-18-1952 1-18-1952.pdf80.33 KB
Flora, Fauna and Fish 01-21-1952 1-21-1952.pdf78.41 KB
The Last Cask Was Abroach 01-22-1952 1-22-1952.pdf80.24 KB
The High Cost of Sea Otters 01-23-1952 1-23-1952.pdf81.87 KB
Noisy Carrier’s 01-24-1952 1-24-1952.pdf81.8 KB
An Old Indian Duck Decoy 01-25-1952 1-25-1952.pdf79.58 KB
Pioneer Press 01-29-1952 1-29-1952.pdf82.92 KB
Says my Mama 01-30-1952 1-30-1952.pdf79.41 KB
A Prank On Old Ames 01-31-1952 1-31-1952.pdf82.34 KB
The Press That Told The Story of the Gold Rush 02-01-1952 2-1-1952.pdf86.9 KB
For Official Seals 02-04-1952 2-4-1952.pdf79.33 KB
Colton And The Local Scene 07-28-1952 7-28-1952.pdf79.42 KB
Mother Lode Gold 03-25-1953 3-25-1953.pdf79.58 KB
How to Learn Spanish 06-24-1953 6-24-1953.pdf81.07 KB
'This Discordant Mass' 06-29-1953 6-29-1953.pdf82.02 KB
More About Jim Gleason 07-01-1953 7-1-1953.pdf82.34 KB
Happy Ending 07-03-1953 7-3-1953.pdf80.13 KB
The Sanchez Adobe 01-17-1955 1-17-1955.pdf80.25 KB
San Jose Early Days 03-07-1955 3-7-1955.pdf82.77 KB
The Jesse James House 03-09-1955 3-9-1955.pdf79.63 KB
News from Serra’s Birthplace 04-11-1955 4-11-1955.pdf80.46 KB
Monterey's 100th Birthday 01-30-1966 1-30-1966.pdf78.5 KB
Old Fashioned Wedding 02-11-1966 2-11-1966.pdf78.87 KB
Gov. Alvarado’s Clock 09-05-1966 9-5-19660.pdf79.12 KB
The Big Sur Story 05-19-1966 5-19-1966.pdf78.71 KB
Monterey’s Glorious 4th 01-31-1967 1-31-1967.pdf79.75 KB
Early Day Dances and Music 07-12-1967 7-12-1967.pdf78.21 KB
A Unique Birthday Gift 07-19-1967 7-19-1967.pdf77.81 KB
Gift of the Doud House 10-30-1967 10-30-1967.pdf78.11 KB
The New Year’s Custom 01-04-1962 1-4-1962.pdf75.09 KB
‘Mr. California’ 03-03-1954 3-3-1954.pdf78.52 KB
Castro Family Notes 04-21-1958 4-21-1958.pdf78.66 KB
Statehood 07-23-1956 7-23-1956.pdf81.07 KB
‘A Little Cupa’ 07-24-1964 7-24-1964.pdf79.04 KB
Casa Serrano’s Serrano 07-27-1959 7-27-1959.pdf77.88 KB
The Visit of the Bishop 09-20-1954 9-20-1954.pdf78.9 KB
A Puzzle Solved 12-09-1964 12-9-1964.pdf79.02 KB