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Noticias del Puerto de Monterey

Noticias Vol. 1 No. 1

Noticias del Puerto de Monterey (titled Noticias de Monterey in part of 2005 and 2006), was a quarterly newsletter of Monterey history published by the Monterey History and Art Association from 1957 and until 2009. Over the years, the quarterly publication became irregular, and after a one-year gap in 2007 a very large 50th anniversary commemorative issue was published. Noticias articles generally address people, places, and events in and around Monterey. The articles were researched and written by local historians and/or knowledgeable members of the Association. The Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library holds a complete set of Noticias. All but a few issues are available here as searchable PDF files. A text index for 1968 through 2000 and a table of contents for 1957 through 1966 are avilable here and at MHOD.

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Peninsula Diary

Historian and Journalist Mayo Hayes O’Donnell (1892-1978) wrote the column “Peninsula Diary” in the Monterey Peninsula Herald from 1949 until 1970. The column was devoted to historical accounts of early California and the significance of Monterey in the early days of the state.

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Mayo Hayes O'Donnell preparing her newspaper column in San Jose


2529 columns are transcribed, uploaded and searchable on this site.

Title Column Date PDF
Birthday Party 06-16-1961 6-16-1961.pdf79.17 KB
I’ll Meet You In Sonora 06-20-1961 6-20-1961.pdf80.77 KB
Woodworking Tool Exhibit 06-22-1961 6-22-1961.pdf82.3 KB
USO Activities 06-28-1961 6-28-1961.pdf77.76 KB
A Report From Mexico 06-30-1961 6-30-1961.pdf79.99 KB
Monterey’s First July 4 07-04-1961 7-4-1961.pdf79.14 KB
Letter To Ohio 07-05-1961 7-5-1961.pdf83.95 KB
Casa Abrego 07-07-1961 7-7-1961.pdf80.59 KB
Historical Monument No. 1 07-10-1961 7-10-1961.pdf81.65 KB
Monument To Stevenson 07-12-1961 7-12-1961.pdf110.89 KB
The Silverado Squatters 07-14-1961 7-14-1961.pdf82.79 KB
Stevenson’s Living Book 07-17-1961 7-17-1961.pdf83.21 KB
State Owned Cemetery 07-18-1961 7-18-1961.pdf79.06 KB
What Are Our State Colors? 07-20-1961 7-20-1961.pdf80.38 KB
A Letter To Carnegie 07-26-1961 7-26-1961.pdf79.6 KB
Trees and Gardens Of Old Monterey 07-11-1950 7-11-1950.pdf85.4 KB
Laying the Stones In Sloat Memorial 07-12-1950 7-12-1950.pdf82.13 KB
They Gave a Ball to Beautify Cemetery 07-17-1950 7-17-1950.pdf80.47 KB
Red Cross Formed Here for War of ‘98 07-18-1950 7-18-1950.pdf82.12 KB
Red Cross Work in Disasters of the Past 07-19-1950 7-19-1950.pdf83.43 KB
Mr. Little’s Houses 07-21-1950 7-21-1950.pdf80.19 KB
Dona Dolores Osio 07-20-1950 7-20-1950.pdf80.06 KB
A 40th Birthday 07-24-1950 7-24-1950.pdf81.26 KB
Tassajara Springs 07-25-1950 7-25-1950.pdf78.09 KB
Early Jailbirds 07-26-1950 7-26-1950.pdf81.59 KB
Places Names Traced to Grants 07-31-1950 7-31-1950.pdf87.08 KB
The Ball Park 08-01-1950 8-1-1950.pdf103.09 KB
A Perilous Journey 08-03-1950 8-3-1950.pdf77.79 KB
Mr. Larkin’s Cane 08-04-1950 8-4-1950.pdf81.66 KB
The French Consulate 08-07-1950 8-7-1950.pdf81.26 KB
The Mission’s First Harvest Was Sparse 08-22-1950 8-22-1950.pdf81.39 KB
Gift of a House 11-03-1958 11-3-1958.pdf81.27 KB
Frontiers of New Spain 04-02-1970 4-2-1970.pdf77.9 KB
An Old Gentleman Covered With Money 04-12-1951 4-12-1951.pdf80.9 KB
A Consul Reports 08-09-1950 8-9-1950.pdf83.55 KB
The First Pianos 08-29-1950 8-29-1950.pdf84.23 KB
A Fiery Frenchman 08-08-1950 8-8-1950.pdf82.56 KB
The Consulate Today 08-10-1950 8-10-1950.pdf79.88 KB
A Batch of Letters 08-11-1950 8-11-1950.pdf81.7 KB
Star Number 31 08-15-1950 8-15-1950.pdf80.3 KB
Monterey’s Chinatown Recalled 08-17-1950 8-17-1950.pdf83.73 KB
Opening of the Hotel Del Monte 08-21-1950 8-21-1950.pdf80.55 KB
Lantern Festival 08-24-1950 8-24-1950.pdf83.36 KB
Pioneer of Pioneers 08-30-1950 8-30-1950.pdf84.79 KB
An Old-World Street 08-31-1950 8-31-1950.pdf81.18 KB
A Famous Inkwell 09-01-1950 9-1-1950.pdf83.33 KB
The Early Millers 09-04-1950 9-4-1950.pdf82.11 KB
Story of ‘Dame Shirley’ 09-06-1950 9-6-1950.pdf82.59 KB
When Life Was Cheap 09-07-1950 9-7-1950.pdf78.23 KB
Some Old Legends 09-08-1950 9-8-1950.pdf82.29 KB
The First Library 07-28-1961 7-28-1961.pdf80.38 KB
Corporation No. 2 07-31-1961 7-31-1961.pdf77.95 KB
Robert Louis Stevenson 08-02-1961 8-2-1961.pdf79.65 KB
The Silverado Squatters 08-04-1961 8-4-1961.pdf80.36 KB
San Francisco’s Old Mint 08-07-1961 8-7-1961.pdf81.76 KB
A U. S. Expert 08-09-1961 8-9-1961.pdf80.4 KB
Our Early Spanish Fort 08-14-1961 8-14-1961.pdf79.37 KB
Pioneer Firefighting 08-16-1961 8-16-1961.pdf82.78 KB
City Reaps Compliments 08-22-1961 8-22-1961.pdf80.42 KB
The Old Grey Mare 08-24-1961 8-24-1961.pdf81.8 KB
Lillie’s Story 08-25-1961 8-25-1961.pdf79.05 KB
Salute To Columbia 08-30-1961 8-30-1961.pdf82 KB
Step Softly 09-01-1961 9-1-1961.pdf78.7 KB
Popular Colton Hall 09-04-1961 9-4-1961.pdf82.06 KB
Purchase Of Colton Hall 09-06-1961 9-6-1961.pdf82.39 KB
Students Of History 09-12-1961 9-12-1961.pdf80.18 KB
As We Meet Again 09-13-1961 9-13-1961.pdf79.83 KB
Tribute To The Ladies 09-18-1961 9-18-1961.pdf80.74 KB
Documents Join Collection 09-20-1961 9-20-1961.pdf78.81 KB
The Old French Consulate 09-22-1961 9-22-1961.pdf84.34 KB
A French Foothold 09-25-1961 9-25-1961.pdf80.8 KB
For The Glory Of France 09-27-1961 9-27-1961.pdf83.49 KB
The Consul At Monterey 09-29-1961 9-29-1961.pdf84.04 KB
Interesting Old Document 07-28-1965 7-28-1965.pdf83.3 KB
Back Roads To San Francisco 01-14-1955 1-14-1955.pdf80.25 KB
Projects, Gifts 05-05-1965 5-5-1965.pdf79.7 KB
Visiting Time in Monterey 07-31-1951 7-31-1951.pdf82.13 KB
And There Was Light 03-31-1952 3-31-1952.pdf79.21 KB
Remembrance of Times Past 01-01-1952 1-1-1952.pdf79.28 KB
The Bishop Kip School 10-04-1961 10-4-1961.pdf82.08 KB
Chaplain Colton 10-06-1961 10-6-1961.pdf80.19 KB
The Civil War In California 10-09-1961 10-9-1961.pdf81.87 KB
Stevenson Rocker 10-11-1961 10-11-1961.pdf80.91 KB
Missing Mail 10-13-1961 10-13-1961.pdf77.57 KB
Big Fiesta In Mexico 10-18-1961 10-18-1961.pdf79.52 KB
Letters From The California Gold Fields 10-20-1961 10-20-1961.pdf86.11 KB
Mementoes 10-23-1961 10-23-1961.pdf79.8 KB
Alvarado Adobe 10-25-1961 10-25-1961.pdf79.27 KB
From Alvarado’s Library 10-27-1961 10-27-1961.pdf81.03 KB
Story Of A Wedding 10-30-1961 10-30-1961.pdf83.37 KB
Historic November Dates 11-03-1961 11-3-1961.pdf81.99 KB
The Alvarado Hundred 11-01-1961 11-1-1961.pdf81.39 KB
The Monterey Museum Board Meets 11-08-1961 11-8-1961.pdf82.71 KB
The Presidio Looks Back 11-10-1961 11-10-1961.pdf83.61 KB
Building Fort Mervine 11-13-1961 11-13-1961.pdf81.49 KB
Important Dates For Presidio Hill 11-15-1961 11-15-1961.pdf84.69 KB
An Old Map Of California 11-17-1961 11-17-1961.pdf84.57 KB
An Old Landmark Oak Tree Is Misplaced 11-20-1961 11-20-1961.pdf82.4 KB
Memories of Monterey Hose Co. No. 1 09-11-1950 9-11-1950.pdf82.49 KB
Among the Firemen 09-12-1950 9-12-1950.pdf80.33 KB
‘A Boat for Pepe’ [Peppe] 09-13-1950 9-13-1950.pdf79.7 KB
The Old Whalers 09-14-1950 9-14-1950.pdf78.21 KB
Stoddard’s Visit 09-18-1950 9-18-1950.pdf83 KB
Stevenson’s Monterey 09-19-1950 9-19-1950.pdf86.73 KB
More of Stoddard 09-20-1950 9-20-1950.pdf80.36 KB
Old Simoneau’s Memories of R.L.S. 09-21-1950 9-21-1950.pdf82.95 KB
Stoddard’s Death 09-25-1950 9-25-1950.pdf80.51 KB
New Attraction at Stevenson House 09-26-1950 9-26-1950.pdf78.75 KB
A Vain Search 09-28-1950 9-28-1950.pdf79.86 KB
Elusive Island Woman Sighted 09-29-1950 9-29-1950.pdf81.09 KB
End of a Saga 10-02-1950 10-2-1950.pdf82 KB
Fernando Pedro Recalls ... 10-04-1950 10-4-1950.pdf81.72 KB
The Washington Hotel 10-05-1950 10-5-1950.pdf106.27 KB
A Glowing Tribute 10-06-1950 10-6-1950.pdf84.28 KB
Documents on Display 10-09-1950 10-9-1950.pdf80.8 KB
Adobe Vs. Frame House 10-10-1950 10-10-1950.pdf79.43 KB
Many Rare Gifts 10-11-1950 10-11-1950.pdf83.4 KB
Another Anniversary 10-12-1950 10-12-1950.pdf79.36 KB
Book Club Founded 10-13-1950 10-13-1950.pdf79.69 KB
Convention Reporter 10-16-1950 10-16-1950.pdf80.12 KB
Escolastica Wins a Wager 10-25-1950 10-25-1950.pdf78.43 KB
Bootlegged Books in the 1880s 11-17-1950 11-17-1950.pdf83.93 KB
Gen. Kearny in California 12-27-1950 12-27-1950.pdf80.08 KB
A Day for Playing Pranks 12-29-1950 12-29-1950.pdf79.16 KB
Men of Two Countries 02-15-1951 2-15-1951.pdf80.37 KB
The Larkin House 03-06-1957 3-6-1957.pdf78.91 KB
Myron Oliver 03-06-1967 3-6-1967.pdf74.01 KB
Lt. Revere’s Monterey Notes 04-02-1965 4-2-1965.pdf78.99 KB
Old Salinas Families 07-29-1966 7-29-1966.pdf81.92 KB
Returning Home 09-06-1963 9-6-1963.pdf80.36 KB
California And The War 12-01-1961 12-1-1961.pdf83.53 KB
Helpful Book For California Chinese 12-06-1961 12-6-1961.pdf82.49 KB
Life On A Monterey Ranch 12-08-1961 12-8-1961.pdf80.9 KB
A Visit To The Original Ship Mayflower 12-11-1961 12-11-1961.pdf84.2 KB
A Birthday Document 12-13-1961 12-13-1961.pdf83 KB
Story Behind The Old Oak 12-15-1961 12-15-1961.pdf79.62 KB
Christmas Remembrances 12-18-1961 12-18-1961.pdf80.27 KB
Our Lady Of Guadalupe 12-20-1961 12-20-1961.pdf81.08 KB
Christmas Story 12-22-1961 12-22-1961.pdf81.99 KB
Early California Jewelry 01-08-1962 1-8-1962.pdf81.16 KB
Jewelry Masterpieces 01-10-1962 1-10-1962.pdf81.12 KB
Christmas Play Revived 01-15-1962 1-15-1962.pdf80.84 KB
Marker Planned To Honor Thomas Doak 01-17-1962 1-17-1962.pdf80.8 KB
20-Year Mark For The USO 01-24-1962 1-24-1962.pdf79.54 KB
Another Firehouse Tale 01-26-1962 1-26-1962.pdf78.95 KB
Excitement of Fire-fighting Is Revived 01-31-1962 1-31-1962.pdf82.23 KB
Historical Society Elects 02-02-1962 2-2-1962.pdf81.34 KB
Wilson’s House 02-05-1962 2-5-1962.pdf79.79 KB
Engravings By Cooke Add To Californiana 02-07-1962 2-7-1962.pdf84.39 KB
Count Was Link With Spanish Era 02-12-1962 2-12-1962.pdf80.68 KB
Compliments, Documents And Endowments 02-13-1962 2-13-1962.pdf81.94 KB
The Glass House Shattered 02-16-1962 2-16-1962.pdf80.51 KB
Redwood Memorial For Dag 02-19-1962 2-19-1962.pdf78.39 KB
For Mrs. Hoover 02-21-1962 2-21-1962.pdf80.71 KB
A Hero Not Hanged 02-26-1962 2-26-1962.pdf76.47 KB
Historical Merit Award 02-28-1962 2-28-1962.pdf79.64 KB
Archives Approved 03-02-1962 3-2-1962.pdf78.98 KB
A Historic Brick 03-06-1962 3-6-1962.pdf78.28 KB
Tribute To Muir 03-09-1962 3-9-1962.pdf77.74 KB
‘Someone Thought Of Louis’ 03-13-1962 3-13-1962.pdf80.89 KB
Life In Early-Day Monterey 03-14-1962 3-14-1962.pdf79.76 KB
April Is Named ‘USO Month’ 03-16-1962 3-16-1962.pdf80.64 KB
George Prints All News 03-22-1962 3-22-1962.pdf83.05 KB
George’s Weekly Views City Council Hearing 03-28-1962 3-28-1962.pdf81.89 KB
The Program For USO Month 03-30-1962 3-30-1962.pdf80.18 KB
A Trip To Tassajara 04-04-1962 4-4-1962.pdf81.57 KB
Tassajara By Moonlight 04-06-1962 4-6-1962.pdf79.71 KB
Long-Standing Fame 04-09-1962 4-9-1962.pdf78.5 KB
A Broadside 04-11-1962 4-11-1962.pdf80.8 KB
Watercolors Of Old California 04-18-1962 4-18-1962.pdf81.17 KB
Jo Mora’s Own Story 04-20-1962 4-20-1962.pdf82.28 KB
The Story Of The Bells 04-25-1962 4-25-1962.pdf79.28 KB
Oldest Christian Dated Bell 04-27-1962 4-27-1962.pdf80.62 KB
‘A Ranchero Feat’ Reviewed 05-02-1962 5-2-1962.pdf82.66 KB
A Sacramento Freeway 05-04-1962 5-4-1962.pdf79.73 KB
Convent In Monterey 05-07-1962 5-7-1962.pdf79.6 KB
A Tribute 05-09-1962 5-9-1962.pdf77.02 KB
Easter in Mexico 05-11-1962 5-11-1962.pdf76.37 KB
Tenth Annual Keepsake Edition Concerns Mexico 05-16-1962 5-16-1962.pdf82.06 KB
L. A. Tries To Save Adobe 05-18-1962 5-18-1962.pdf80.96 KB
A Letter From Sutter 05-23-1962 5-23-1962.pdf103.48 KB
Chinese Heritage 05-29-1962 5-29-1962.pdf76.86 KB
As Others Saw Us 05-31-1962 5-31-1962.pdf80.59 KB
Underwood Adobe 06-01-1962 6-1-1962.pdf77.57 KB
All About Pacific Grove In ‘75 06-06-1962 6-6-1962.pdf81.08 KB
State Action Delayed On Stevenson Park 06-13-1962 6-13-1962.pdf78.11 KB
All About Bears In Old Town 06-20-1962 6-20-1962.pdf81.39 KB
Nostalgia For Carmel 06-22-1962 6-22-1962.pdf81.97 KB
A Seldom-Quoted Letter From RLS 06-26-1962 6-26-1962.pdf79.95 KB
Drake “Firsts” 06-27-1962 6-27-1962.pdf108.9 KB
A Share of $80,000 03-13-1951 3-13-1951.pdf79.87 KB
Near Whiskey Hill 03-21-1951 3-21-1951.pdf80.15 KB
Monterey Preferred 10-17-1950 10-17-1950.pdf82.42 KB
Organization of the BPWC 10-18-1950 10-18-1950.pdf84.12 KB
History of Local BPWC 10-19-1950 10-19-1950.pdf81.29 KB
Another BPWC Anniversary 10-20-1950 10-20-1950.pdf85.43 KB
Pioneer Gunsmiths 10-23-1950 10-23-1950.pdf82.55 KB
Native Daughters’ Local Club Formed 10-27-1950 10-27-1950.pdf84.01 KB
Some History of Local NDGW 10-30-1950 10-30-1950.pdf83.77 KB
Kipling Found Good Food in S.F. in 1800’s 10-31-1950 10-31-1950.pdf84.89 KB