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Noticias del Puerto de Monterey

Noticias Vol. 1 No. 1

Noticias del Puerto de Monterey (titled Noticias de Monterey in part of 2005 and 2006), was a quarterly newsletter of Monterey history published by the Monterey History and Art Association from 1957 and until 2009. Over the years, the quarterly publication became irregular, and after a one-year gap in 2007 a very large 50th anniversary commemorative issue was published. Noticias articles generally address people, places, and events in and around Monterey. The articles were researched and written by local historians and/or knowledgeable members of the Association. The Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library holds a complete set of Noticias. All but a few issues are available here as searchable PDF files. A text index for 1968 through 2000 and a table of contents for 1957 through 1966 are avilable here and at MHOD.

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Peninsula Diary

Historian and Journalist Mayo Hayes O’Donnell (1892-1978) wrote the column “Peninsula Diary” in the Monterey Peninsula Herald from 1949 until 1970. The column was devoted to historical accounts of early California and the significance of Monterey in the early days of the state.

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Mayo Hayes O'Donnell preparing her newspaper column in San Jose


2529 columns are transcribed, uploaded and searchable on this site.

Title Column Date PDF
Interesting Old Chests Here 11-01-1950 11-1-1950.pdf80.59 KB
The Chautauqua Assembly 11-02-1950 11-2-1950.pdf81.44 KB
The Study Plan 11-03-1950 11-3-1950.pdf81.26 KB
Our Own Monterey Jack Cheese 11-08-1950 11-8-1950.pdf81.24 KB
The Dedication of the Stevenson House 11-09-1950 11-9-1950.pdf84.64 KB
Presentation of House in Mallorca 11-13-1950 11-13-1950.pdf80.68 KB
New Stevenson Mementoes Here 11-14-1950 11-14-1950.pdf82.05 KB
Another Story on Jack Cheese 11-15-1950 11-15-1950.pdf78.24 KB
History of Dolls on Display 11-20-1950 11-20-1950.pdf83.93 KB
The Presidio Chapel 12-06-1950 12-6-1950.pdf80.56 KB
Historic Names in Cemetery 12-07-1950 12-7-1950.pdf80.19 KB
The Cross at the Carmel River Mouth 12-08-1950 12-8-1950.pdf82.62 KB
Here Is More on Jack Cheese 12-11-1950 12-11-1950.pdf80.03 KB
Historical Markers 12-12-1950 12-12-1950.pdf82.49 KB
Scholze Park 12-13-1950 12-13-1950.pdf81.96 KB
A Trip to Big Sur And Jack Cheese 12-14-1950 12-14-1950.pdf83.99 KB
Old Adobes 12-15-1950 12-15-1950.pdf80.96 KB
More Local Adobes 12-18-1950 12-18-1950.pdf80.42 KB
A Bit on Gardens 12-19-1950 12-19-1950.pdf81.43 KB
A Christmas Gift Suggestion 12-20-1950 12-20-1950.pdf80.72 KB
Christmas in America 12-21-1950 12-21-1950.pdf81.96 KB
An Old Christmas Card 12-22-1950 12-22-1950.pdf79.23 KB
A Letter Dated 1847 12-26-1950 12-26-1950.pdf81.5 KB
Bolton’s New Job 12-28-1950 12-28-1950.pdf84.1 KB
George Nidever And ‘Brown Eyes’ 01-08-1951 1-8-1951.pdf84.47 KB
The Soto Adobe 01-31-1951 1-31-1951.pdf78.6 KB
Joaquin Soto’s Will 02-01-1951 2-1-1951.pdf79.86 KB
Foolish Agreement 02-13-1951 2-13-1951.pdf78.22 KB
All This...And Monterey Too 02-26-1951 2-26-1951.pdf80.57 KB
Florencio Serrano 02-27-1957 2-27-1957.pdf77.23 KB
Florencio and Rita 02-28-1957 2-28-1957.pdf80.02 KB
California’s Man-hating Amazons 03-07-1951 3-7-1951.pdf80.22 KB
Father Kino Proves a Point 03-08-1951 3-8-1951.pdf79.94 KB
A Bean Barrel Full of Gold-Dust 03-12-1951 3-12-1951.pdf81.19 KB
Red Pepper...Of the Purest Kind 03-26-1951 3-26-1951.pdf80.33 KB
The Bear Flag Flies In Nigeria 07-02-1962 7-2-1962.pdf81.25 KB
The Path Of History 07-04-1962 7-4-1962.pdf83.59 KB
Notes On The Flag-Raising 07-10-1962 7-10-1962.pdf78.73 KB
The First ‘First Theater’ 07-13-1962 7-13-1962.pdf78.37 KB
California Pioneer Sketches 07-20-1962 7-20-1962.pdf79.6 KB
St. James Church Notes Anniversaries In July 07-23-1962 7-23-1962.pdf82.36 KB
First Theater’s History 07-25-1962 7-25-1962.pdf82.6 KB
The Old Convent 07-27-1962 7-27-1962.pdf81.14 KB
Need Resources Study 07-31-1962 7-31-1962.pdf79.66 KB
The Old Convent (2) 08-03-1962 8-3-1962.pdf78.28 KB
Scholze Park (2) 08-08-1962 8-8-1962.pdf80.74 KB
Landmarks Are Living History 08-10-1962 8-10-1962.pdf82.21 KB
Delegates To See Peninsula 08-15-1962 8-15-1962.pdf80 KB
The Serra Pilgrimage 08-21-1962 8-21-1962.pdf79.52 KB
Tiburcio Vasquez Began His Life Of Banditry In Monterey 08-29-1962 8-29-1962.pdf84.06 KB
Notes From Here And There 09-03-1962 9-3-1962.pdf82.27 KB
The Colorful Sepulvedas 09-07-1953 9-7-1953.pdf82.99 KB
Mrs. Issler Moves 09-07-1962 9-7-1962.pdf78.36 KB
To Tour Monterey 09-12-1962 9-12-1962.pdf80.04 KB
Beans A La Gold Fields 09-14-1962 9-14-1962.pdf82.89 KB
Colton Hall Alums Gather Today 09-17-1962 9-17-1962.pdf81.62 KB
Before Abalone Was Known As A Delicacy 09-19-1962 9-19-1962.pdf82.42 KB
Five Goals 09-25-1962 9-25-1962.pdf79.39 KB
The Legend Of El Toro Ranch Is Retold 09-28-1962 9-28-1962.pdf83.81 KB
Columbia Report 10-01-1962 10-1-1962.pdf83.03 KB
Capitular Hall 10-31-1962 10-31-1962.pdf78.84 KB
The Story Of Old Gabriel 10-03-1962 10-3-1962.pdf81.2 KB
The Old Del Monte Express 10-05-1962 10-5-1962.pdf81.49 KB
The ‘Del Monte’ Arrives 10-08-1962 10-8-1962.pdf134.74 KB
Thank You Note 10-10-1962 10-10-1962.pdf77.38 KB
Scenes of Wonder 10-19-1962 10-19-1962.pdf79.47 KB
Query On The Gordon House 10-22-1962 10-22-1962.pdf81.19 KB
In Monterey 10-23-1962 10-23-1962.pdf79.67 KB
Nevada City: Past, Present 10-26-1962 10-26-1962.pdf81.34 KB
Value Of An Adobe 10-29-1962 10-29-1962.pdf80.3 KB
Fling Biography 11-05-1962 11-5-1962.pdf82.92 KB
The Peninsula In 1906 11-07-1962 11-7-1962.pdf84.16 KB
Off Point Pinos 11-09-1962 11-9-1962.pdf78.81 KB
Early American In Monterey 11-12-1962 11-12-1962.pdf80.39 KB
Recalling Early Pacific Grove 11-14-1962 11-14-1962.pdf81.14 KB
Recollections Of The Peninsula 11-20-1962 11-20-1962.pdf81.3 KB
Over The Hill To Carmel 11-26-1962 11-26-1962.pdf81.52 KB
History Books 11-28-1962 11-28-1962.pdf81.26 KB
En Route To Old Monterey 11-29-1962 11-29-1962.pdf80.82 KB
Monterey Attacked 11-30-1962 11-30-1962.pdf78.17 KB
Pirate Invasion Ends 12-03-1962 12-3-1962.pdf81.57 KB
The Cooper Adobe 12-05-1962 12-5-1962.pdf80.62 KB
History Of An Adobe 12-07-1962 12-7-1962.pdf80.17 KB
A Light In The Window 12-10-1962 12-10-1962.pdf79.93 KB
In Old Monterey 12-12-1962 12-12-1962.pdf80.12 KB
Monterey Holds A Romantic Array Of History 12-14-1962 12-14-1962.pdf84.78 KB
A Theatrical Performance 12-17-1962 12-17-1962.pdf81.91 KB
Stage Coach Santa 12-24-1962 12-24-1962.pdf81.64 KB
Whalebone Paving 12-28-1962 12-28-1962.pdf79.98 KB
Early Day Trade in Monterey 01-01-1951 1-1-1951.pdf81.26 KB
More About Monterey Jack Cheese 01-02-1951 1-2-1951.pdf81.92 KB
Store Ledgers Reveal History 01-03-1951 1-3-1951.pdf82.12 KB
Imports of 1846 01-04-1951 1-4-1951.pdf82.63 KB
The First Electric Cars 01-05-1951 1-5-1951.pdf81.8 KB
A Mystery Ship Arrives 01-09-1951 1-9-1951.pdf80.1 KB
He Got a Cool Reception 01-10-1951 1-10-1951.pdf79.95 KB
A Fire Chief Reports 01-11-1951 1-11-1951.pdf82.95 KB
“A Saint May Rise” 01-12-1951 1-12-1951.pdf82.27 KB
Historical Association Roster 01-16-1951 1-16-1951.pdf81.97 KB
Wanted: Pioneers 01-17-1951 1-17-1951.pdf80.71 KB
Through the Sacristy Door 01-18-1951 1-18-1951.pdf83.9 KB
St. James of Old Monterey 01-19-1951 1-19-1951.pdf82.87 KB
Yesterday’s Newspaper 01-23-1951 1-23-1951.pdf84.11 KB
Monterey’s Incorporation 01-25-1951 1-25-1951.pdf80.52 KB
Four Centuries of Januaries 01-26-1951 1-26-1951.pdf82.29 KB
Henry A. Tefft 01-28-1958 1-28-1958.pdf80.99 KB
1910 Glider Tip In Trial Flight 01-29-1951 1-29-1951.pdf79.79 KB
Framing the Charter 01-30-1951 1-30-1951.pdf78.97 KB
Ground Mustard and Gold Dust 02-05-1951 2-5-1951.pdf79.47 KB
Eight Dimes Equal One Dollar 02-06-1951 2-6-1951.pdf81.13 KB
In Pagandom And Christendom 10-26-1951 10-26-1951.pdf83.21 KB
Funeral in 1847 10-29-1951 10-29-1951.pdf81.18 KB
Monterey’s Alvarado Adobe 02-18-1959 2-18-1959.pdf82.51 KB
Watson Family 04-22-1965 4-22-1965.pdf79.32 KB
Inquiry About Judge Tonner 08-05-1966 8-5-1966.pdf80.77 KB
My Seal and Signature 01-22-1951 1-22-1951.pdf83.82 KB
Needles and Thread And Buckskin Breeches 02-07-1951 2-7-1951.pdf80.41 KB
An Old Spanish Custom 02-08-1951 2-8-1951.pdf79.32 KB
‘A Bad Man From Way Back’ 02-09-1951 2-9-1951.pdf78.71 KB
California’s First Press 02-12-1951 2-12-1951.pdf79.22 KB
The Little Wax Figure And the Spanish Sash 02-14-1951 2-14-1951.pdf81.36 KB
Originally Dubbed ‘Gigling’ 02-16-1951 2-16-1951.pdf79.09 KB
The Zamorano Club 02-19-1951 2-19-1951.pdf79.73 KB
Eighty Great Books 02-20-1951 2-20-1951.pdf81.02 KB
Books of Early California 02-21-1951 2-21-1951.pdf80.42 KB
The Best in Californiana 02-22-1951 2-22-1951.pdf81.14 KB
The Commodore Who Dreamed Up a War 02-23-1951 2-23-1951.pdf79.03 KB
The Noblest Feelings Of a Sailor’s Heart 02-27-1951 2-27-1951.pdf82.83 KB
Background and Backbone Of the American Red Cross 02-28-1951 2-28-1951.pdf81.77 KB
Random Reveries 03-01-1951 3-1-1951.pdf80.29 KB
Antiquarian Bookman 03-02-1951 3-2-1951.pdf80.14 KB
California Island Was A Lop-sided Cornucopia 03-06-1951 3-6-1951.pdf79.63 KB
Month of March 03-05-1951 3-5-1951.pdf79.16 KB
No Interest Or Taxes In Those Halcyon Days 03-09-1951 3-9-1951.pdf80.32 KB
The Tables Are Turned 03-14-1951 3-14-1951.pdf79.1 KB
‘The Big Eagle of Monterey’ 03-16-1951 3-16-1951.pdf82.54 KB
Early California Dish 03-22-1951 3-22-1951.pdf79.61 KB
A Mixed Set of Americans 03-23-1951 3-23-1951.pdf81.32 KB
Conference of Curators 03-27-1951 3-27-1951.pdf79.76 KB
Symbols of Living History 03-28-1951 3-28-1951.pdf79.23 KB
The Bohemia Saloon 03-29-1951 3-29-1951.pdf78.3 KB
Monterey’s Casa Buelna 01-31-1958 1-31-1958.pdf80.5 KB
More About The Merienda 05-29-1953 5-29-1953.pdf79.89 KB
First Theater Playbill 12-19-1962 12-19-1962.pdf82.32 KB
A Loving Letter At Christmastide 12-21-1962 12-21-1962.pdf81.36 KB
Early Monterey Gardens 12-27-1962 12-27-1962.pdf80.23 KB
A German Traveler’s View Of Monterey In 1849 01-02-1963 1-2-1963.pdf84.1 KB
Yule Card Joy 01-07-1963 1-7-1963.pdf79.74 KB
Trio In Monterey 01-09-1963 1-9-1963.pdf78.15 KB
The Custom House In 1893 01-15-1963 1-15-1963.pdf78.41 KB
Perusing Old Papers 01-16-1963 1-16-1963.pdf125.29 KB
An Antique Clock 01-23-1963 1-23-1963.pdf78.95 KB
Treasures That Tick The Time 01-18-1963 1-18-1963.pdf79.64 KB
Old Wall Clock 01-30-1963 1-30-1963.pdf76.45 KB
Lacy Fans 02-05-1963 2-5-1963.pdf77.45 KB
Fans And Frames 02-06-1963 2-6-1963.pdf80.28 KB
‘Historic’ Seaside High 02-08-1963 2-8-1963.pdf86.02 KB
Frozen Valentines 02-13-1963 2-13-1963.pdf76.38 KB
Cascarone Ball 02-15-1963 2-15-1963.pdf80.61 KB
The Governor’s Tall Clock Ticks On 02-20-1963 2-20-1963.pdf81.06 KB
Tombstone Epitaphs Tell Historic Tales 02-22-1963 2-22-1963.pdf82.43 KB
Monterey’s First Cemeteries 02-25-1963 2-25-1963.pdf80.66 KB
City Beautification 02-27-1963 2-27-1963.pdf78.67 KB
More Larkin Papers Published 03-01-1963 3-1-1963.pdf82.53 KB
Spanish Consternation At Alien Ship 03-06-1963 3-6-1963.pdf81.18 KB
Predictions From 1849 03-08-1963 3-8-1963.pdf79.52 KB
Monterey’s Theatrical Seasons 03-15-1963 3-15-1963.pdf81.67 KB
Museum Tour Includes Monterey 03-20-1963 3-20-1963.pdf79.24 KB
An Honor For The Holmans 03-22-1963 3-22-1963.pdf80.78 KB
The Washtub Mail Dispensed News In Old Monterey 03-27-1963 3-27-1963.pdf82.57 KB
The Book Club 04-03-1963 4-3-1963.pdf78.1 KB
News Clippings 04-05-1963 4-5-1963.pdf80.23 KB
Mission Tour 04-12-1963 4-12-1963.pdf76.69 KB
Bancroft Meeting 04-15-1963 4-15-1963.pdf78.97 KB
The Happy, Dusty Days 04-19-1963 4-19-1963.pdf76.9 KB
First Visitors 04-22-1963 4-22-1963.pdf79.21 KB
Americans in Monterey 04-29-1963 4-29-1963.pdf79.98 KB
An Old Ivy-Covered Adobe Wall Basks Again In Monterey’s Sun 05-03-1963 5-3-1963.pdf84.11 KB
Monterey Convention 05-06-1963 5-6-1963.pdf82.03 KB
Remembrances Of Old San Juan Bautista 05-08-1963 5-8-1963.pdf82.12 KB
Plan for Island of Adobes 05-10-1963 5-10-1963.pdf79.26 KB
International Visitors 05-15-1963 5-15-1963.pdf78.97 KB
The Gutierrez Family 05-22-1963 5-22-1963.pdf78.86 KB
Books On Americana 05-24-1963 5-24-1963.pdf82.3 KB
The Gala Merienda 05-31-1963 5-31-1963.pdf78.78 KB
Conference of Curators 06-10-1963 6-10-1963.pdf79.22 KB
Routes Of Three Roses 06-12-1963 6-12-1963.pdf77.89 KB
The Annual Adobe Tour 06-18-1963 6-18-1963.pdf79.48 KB
How The Jumping Frog Almost Became California’s Emblem 06-21-1963 6-21-1963.pdf81.03 KB
Captions For A Flag Story 06-24-1963 6-24-1963.pdf81.24 KB
Flags, Frogs, And Bears 06-26-1963 6-26-1963.pdf81.01 KB
Stars And Strips Hoisted 06-28-1963 6-28-1963.pdf80.53 KB
Jumping Frog Almost Made It As State Flag Emblem 07-03-1963 7-3-1963.pdf85.36 KB
July 7, 1846 07-09-1963 7-9-1963.pdf80.56 KB
Gifts To History And Art 07-16-1963 7-16-1963.pdf81.34 KB
The Dore Vase 07-18-1963 7-18-1963.pdf79.07 KB
Delightful Gardens 07-23-1963 7-23-1963.pdf78.17 KB
Trees, Flowers Make Monterey Beautiful 07-25-1963 7-25-1963.pdf80.64 KB
August 12, 1963 California’s First Bibliographer 08-12-1963 8-12-1963.pdf79 KB
‘The Hundredth Book’ 01-09-1959 1-9-1959.pdf79.64 KB