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Noticias del Puerto de Monterey

Noticias Vol. 1 No. 1

Noticias del Puerto de Monterey (titled Noticias de Monterey in part of 2005 and 2006), was a quarterly newsletter of Monterey history published by the Monterey History and Art Association from 1957 and until 2009. Over the years, the quarterly publication became irregular, and after a one-year gap in 2007 a very large 50th anniversary commemorative issue was published. Noticias articles generally address people, places, and events in and around Monterey. The articles were researched and written by local historians and/or knowledgeable members of the Association. The Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library holds a complete set of Noticias. All but a few issues are available here as searchable PDF files. A text index for 1968 through 2000 and a table of contents for 1957 through 1966 are avilable here and at MHOD.

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Peninsula Diary

Historian and Journalist Mayo Hayes O’Donnell (1892-1978) wrote the column “Peninsula Diary” in the Monterey Peninsula Herald from 1949 until 1970. The column was devoted to historical accounts of early California and the significance of Monterey in the early days of the state.

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Mayo Hayes O'Donnell preparing her newspaper column in San Jose


2529 columns are transcribed, uploaded and searchable on this site.

Title Column Date PDF
The Narrow Gauge 05-23-1960 5-23-1960.pdf82.37 KB
Early Monterey Railway 05-26-1960 5-26-1960.pdf80.35 KB
Freight Rates In Old Days 05-27-1960 5-27-1960.pdf82.27 KB
A Dream Come True 05-30-1960 5-30-1960.pdf80.74 KB
Along The Coast Road 06-01-1960 6-1-1960.pdf82.7 KB
Little Sur In 1887 06-02-1960 6-2-1960.pdf81.29 KB
The Pfeiffer Family 06-03-1960 6-3-1960.pdf81.44 KB
A Merienda For San Francisco 06-10-1960 6-10-1960.pdf81.66 KB
Pioneers In The Coast Area 06-15-1960 6-15-1960.pdf80.53 KB
A Pick-and-Shovel Account 06-20-1960 6-20-1960.pdf82.36 KB
Gold Mine On The Coast 06-22-1960 6-22-1960.pdf78.66 KB
The Last Chance Mine 06-27-1960 6-27-1960.pdf78.23 KB
Expedition Art 06-29-1960 6-29-1960.pdf78.06 KB
Sloat Landing 07-01-1960 7-1-1960.pdf80.08 KB
The Sloat Statue 07-04-1960 7-4-1960.pdf80.03 KB
The Shrine In The Chapel Wall 07-13-1960 7-13-1960.pdf77.53 KB
A Summer Program 07-21-1960 7-21-1960.pdf82.08 KB
San Juan Bautista 07-25-1960 7-25-1960.pdf78.46 KB
A New Brochure 07-27-1960 7-27-1960.pdf80.01 KB
Two Chairs 08-01-1960 8-1-1960.pdf77.42 KB
The Californian 08-04-1960 8-4-1960.pdf80.55 KB
Politics In 1850 08-15-1960 8-15-1960.pdf79.63 KB
That Old School Of Ours 08-17-1960 8-17-1960.pdf82 KB
Casa Gutierrez Damaged By Fire 05-20-1963 5-20-1963.pdf81.9 KB
Casa Soberanes Featured 02-18-1963 2-18-1963.pdf80.54 KB
Rodriguez Adobe 07-12-1963 7-12-1963.pdf80.65 KB
Restoring Casa Gutierrez 07-31-1963 7-31-1963.pdf79.19 KB
The Old Berwick House 10-16-1963 10-16-1963.pdf81.02 KB
A High–Spirited Girl Wins A High-Spirited Horse 10-18-1963 10-18-1963.pdf80.58 KB
Della Robbia Card Impressive 01-14-1964 1-14-1964.pdf78.11 KB
Norris Exhibit at Casa Serrano 12-28-1964 12-28-1964.pdf78.2 KB
A Fearless Lady 09-10-1965 9-10-1965.pdf81.13 KB
Jessie Fremont 09-13-1965 9-13-1965.pdf78.53 KB
Colton Journal 09-16-1965 9-16-1965.pdf78.79 KB
Monterey Artists: 1914 10-08-1965 10-8-1965.pdf81.61 KB
Traveling With Fr. Garces 02-23-1966 2-23-1966.pdf78.49 KB
Charles Underwood Adobe 04-27-1966 4-27-1966.pdf78.4 KB
Senorita Maria Bonifacio 10-20-1966 10-20-1966.pdf78.23 KB
Stoddard’s Recollections 10-24-1966 10-24-1966.pdf79.96 KB
The New Sancho Panza 11-01-1966 11-1-1966.pdf77.64 KB
Recollections of A Pioneer 12-26-1966 12-26-1966.pdf82.85 KB
Old San Miguel Adobe 04-11-1967 4-11-1967.pdf76.83 KB
Babes’ Drama Debut 05-24-1967 5-24-1967.pdf74.2 KB
Last Chapter in Actress Life 05-26-1967 5-26-1967.pdf77.68 KB
Vasquez Adobe 03-18-1968 3-18-1968.pdf80.41 KB
An Old Salinas Adobe 05-22-1968 5-22-1968.pdf80.39 KB
There Are New Adobes, Too 07-23-1968 7-23-1968.pdf77.94 KB
Eggshells Collected 11-11-1968 11-11-1968.pdf80.16 KB
100-Year Old “Issues” 02-10-1950 2-10-1950.pdf80.52 KB
Some Early Doctors 04-06-1950 4-6-1950.pdf83.71 KB
The Great Seal of Monterey 04-10-1950 4-10-1950.pdf81.43 KB
First Centennial 04-11-1950 4-11-1950.pdf82.59 KB
Descendants of California Pioneers Visit Landmarks 05-03-1950 5-3-1950.pdf83.3 KB
Some Old Clocks of Monterey 05-04-1950 5-4-1950.pdf84.78 KB
Two Clocks From the Early Days 05-05-1950 5-5-1950.pdf84.66 KB
History of the Mission Inn 05-12-1950 5-12-1950.pdf80.84 KB
A Complicated Land Title 05-17-1950 5-17-1950.pdf88.33 KB
A Visit to Governor Alvarado 05-30-1950 5-30-1950.pdf85.65 KB
Father Serra Honored With Fine Ceremonies in 1891 06-01-1950 6-1-1950.pdf83.72 KB
Stevenson Memorial Gifts 06-05-1950 6-5-1950.pdf80.66 KB
Sloat Monument Dedicated 06-14-1950 6-14-1950.pdf82.7 KB
Buildings of Wood 06-27-1950 6-27-1950.pdf81.31 KB
Binding Out Children 06-29-1950 6-29-1950.pdf83.73 KB
Expedition To Monterey 08-24-1960 8-24-1960.pdf81.85 KB
Public Buildings 08-26-1960 8-26-1960.pdf82.55 KB
Padre Junipero Serra 08-29-1960 8-29-1960.pdf80.66 KB
Monterey’s Serra Oak 09-02-1960 9-2-1960.pdf82.15 KB
... From Little Acorns 09-06-1960 9-6-1960.pdf80.48 KB
Monterey Type Architecture 08-26-1960 9-12-1960.pdf75.88 KB
The Days Of The Gold Rush 09-14-1960 9-14-1960.pdf80.78 KB
Month Of Monterey Festivals 09-21-1960 9-21-1960.pdf79.66 KB
Preservation For Use 09-23-1960 9-23-1960.pdf81.81 KB
Historical Award 09-27-1960 9-27-1960.pdf77.37 KB
A Salty California Pioneer 09-28-1960 9-28-1960.pdf79.66 KB
The Statue Standing In the Park 09-30-1960 9-30-1960.pdf81.55 KB
First Brick House 10-05-1960 10-5-1960.pdf84.43 KB
The Old Whaling Station 10-07-1960 10-7-1960.pdf81.73 KB
This Was The Site 10-12-1960 10-12-1960.pdf80.75 KB
Kimball Hotel 10-14-1960 10-14-1960.pdf80.68 KB
Mrs. Milton Little 10-17-1960 10-17-1960.pdf80.14 KB
Early Monterey 10-21-1960 10-21-1960.pdf75.77 KB
The History And Art Assn. 10-24-1960 10-24-1960.pdf83.55 KB
Gold Rush Sites 11-02-1960 11-2-1960.pdf81.32 KB
Through The Mother Lode 11-03-1960 11-3-1960.pdf80.55 KB
Sierra Pioneers 11-04-1960 11-4-1960.pdf80.58 KB
Pioneers In S. F. 11-09-1960 11-9-1960.pdf79.46 KB
The Girl Scout Calendar 11-10-1960 11-10-1960.pdf81.69 KB
The Caledonia 11-11-1960 11-11-1960.pdf80.98 KB
An Exhibit In Santa Ana 11-16-1960 11-16-1960.pdf79.1 KB
A Rose Canton Tea Set 11-18-1960 11-18-1960.pdf78.34 KB
Site of the Convention 11-23-1960 11-23-1960.pdf80.24 KB
Early Days of Girl Scouts 11-25-1960 11-25-1960.pdf80.43 KB
Gomez Rancho---Soldiers’ Retreat 02-25-1953 2-25-1953.pdf79.89 KB
He Baked Flower Pots 04-04-1950 4-4-1950.pdf81.16 KB
Early Country Doctor 04-12-1950 4-12-1950.pdf81.95 KB
A Pajaro Landowner 04-19-1950 4-19-1950.pdf82.48 KB
Pioneer Rancher’s Will 04-20-1950 4-20-1950.pdf81.97 KB
History of the Abrego Adobe 04-27-1950 4-27-1950.pdf84.41 KB
How the Casa Castro Adobe Was Raffled Off in 1848 05-01-1950 5-1-1950.pdf105.15 KB
The First Ten 01-09-1961 1-9-1961.pdf78.67 KB
Christmas Among The Big Trees 12-23-1960 12-23-1960.pdf78.73 KB
Our Lady Of Guadalupe 12-21-1960 12-21-1960.pdf82.92 KB
Christmas Cards 12-16-1960 12-16-1960.pdf79.51 KB
Historical Documents 12-14-1960 12-14-1960.pdf80.76 KB
Old Monterey 12-09-1960 12-9-1960.pdf78.22 KB
USO Facelifting 12-07-1960 12-7-1960.pdf78.99 KB
Historic Points on Peninsula 12-05-1960 12-5-1960.pdf77.69 KB
W.E.P. Hartnell’s Will 11-29-1957 11-29-1957.pdf80.96 KB
Family of Fifteen 10-10-1951 10-10-1951.pdf77.75 KB
A Lace Bonnet 06-19-1962 6-19-1962.pdf75.26 KB
Notes On The Dickinson Family 06-18-1962 6-18-1962.pdf76.34 KB
A Eulogy For Francis Doud 06-08-1966 6-8-1966.pdf79.83 KB
Serra Statue Unveiled in 1891 06-02-1950 6-2-1950.pdf84 KB
An Active English Settler 05-31-1950 5-31-1950.pdf81.62 KB
La Favorita’s Attendants Announced 05-29-1950 5-29-1950.pdf83.38 KB
Sir George Not Impressed With Monterey in 1842 05-26-1950 5-26-1950.pdf83.66 KB
How Monterey Looked in 1842 05-25-1950 5-25-1950.pdf83.51 KB
Early Meeting At Colton Hall 05-24-1950 5-24-1950.pdf80.88 KB
Early Records Tell of City Business 05-23-1950 5-23-1950.pdf84.12 KB
W.R. Hutton, Early Surveyor 05-22-1950 5-22-1950.pdf85.32 KB
Boronda and Buelna Adobes 05-15-1950 5-15-1950.pdf79.54 KB
A Letter About Old Monterey 05-11-1950 5-11-1950.pdf85.47 KB
Casa Pacheco, Pacific Bldg. 05-10-1950 5-10-1950.pdf81.71 KB
Early Photographic Art 03-30-1951 3-30-1951.pdf79.7 KB
Mrs. Laura Bride Powers 01-27-1961 1-27-1961.pdf79.92 KB
Saving The Fremont Adobe 01-26-1961 1-26-1961.pdf80.94 KB
Save the Capital 01-18-1961 1-18-1961.pdf77.79 KB
Wanted: One Old Building 01-13-1961 1-13-1961.pdf78.54 KB
Early Buildings 01-12-1961 1-12-1961.pdf82.32 KB
Tales From Monterey Post Office 02-08-1961 2-8-1961.pdf78.1 KB
The Curse Upon Monterey 02-09-1961 2-9-1961.pdf76.94 KB
Wish Fulfilled 02-10-1961 2-10-1961.pdf77.98 KB
Preserving Old Monterey 02-17-1961 2-17-1961.pdf82.33 KB
Early Mail Delivery 02-20-1961 2-20-1961.pdf80.76 KB
Beaches And Parks 02-22-1961 2-22-1961.pdf80.08 KB
Architecture In Mexican Monterey 02-24-1961 2-24-1961.pdf82.45 KB
Jails in Old Monterey 03-01-1961 3-1-1961.pdf81.08 KB
Old Jail Plans 03-03-1961 3-3-1961.pdf80.97 KB
Crime In Old Monterey 03-07-1961 3-7-1961.pdf80.74 KB
Sacramento Talks 03-08-1961 3-8-1961.pdf80.18 KB
John McHenry Hollingsworth 03-09-1961 3-9-1961.pdf82.86 KB
Compiling Letters By Stevenson 03-10-1961 3-10-1961.pdf80.41 KB
Relics Of An Old Romance 03-13-1961 3-13-1961.pdf78.66 KB
Marker For Monterey Harbor 03-15-1961 3-15-1961.pdf79.9 KB
El Alisal Open House 03-17-1961 3-17-1961.pdf80.82 KB
Food Shortage In Monterey 03-22-1961 3-22-1961.pdf82.97 KB
Documents In Jeopardy 03-27-1961 3-27-1961.pdf80 KB
Anniversary Celebration 03-30-1961 3-30-1961.pdf81.2 KB
The County’s Driest Years 03-31-1961 3-31-1961.pdf80.55 KB
Decatur House In Washington 04-10-1961 4-10-1961.pdf81.99 KB
Warm Reception for Discovery 06-06-1950 6-6-1950.pdf81.65 KB
Another Early Impression 06-07-1950 6-7-1950.pdf79.17 KB
More On Menzies Journal 06-08-1950 6-8-1950.pdf81.19 KB
John Hollingsworth 08-09-1963 8-9-1963.pdf75.92 KB
A Trial By Jury 09-05-1950 9-5-1950.pdf82.84 KB
Kind Words for a Bad Man 01-27-1956 1-27-1956.pdf79.07 KB
Monterey Presidio in 1792 06-09-1950 6-9-1950.pdf80.63 KB
Some Notes on Local Trees 06-12-1950 6-12-1950.pdf80.73 KB
Monterey Pine Is Truly “Local” 06-13-1950 6-13-1950.pdf80.79 KB
Early Visitors to Library 06-16-1950 6-16-1950.pdf79.37 KB
The Old Washington Hotel 06-19-1950 6-19-1950.pdf80.56 KB
The Count de Monte Rey 08-27-1962 8-27-1962.pdf79.35 KB
Leasing a Theater 06-20-1950 6-20-1950.pdf79.47 KB
Alberto Trescony 06-21-1950 6-21-1950.pdf80.57 KB
Old Building Ways, Prices 06-26-1950 6-26-1950.pdf84.03 KB
A Sherman Letter 06-28-1950 6-28-1950.pdf79.13 KB
A Building Boom 06-30-1950 6-30-1950.pdf82.52 KB
Three Old Adobes 07-13-1950 7-13-1950.pdf81.3 KB
Saving the Adobes 07-14-1950 7-14-1950.pdf79.06 KB
When Alvarado Fled 06-22-1950 6-22-1950.pdf78.83 KB
Gifts of the Jacks Sisters 02-11-1953 2-11-1953.pdf81.33 KB
Monterey’s Trees and Gardens 07-10-1950 7-10-1950.pdf82.54 KB
Mission Founder 10-05-1955 10-5-1955.pdf81.07 KB
Acquiring Serra’s Birthplace 08-23-1950 8-23-1950.pdf82.7 KB
The Custom House 07-07-1950 7-7-1950.pdf80.72 KB
Colton Hall 07-06-1950 7-6-1950.pdf77.59 KB
The Pacific Building 07-05-1950 7-5-1950.pdf81.05 KB
Waterfront Pearl 07-03-1950 7-3-1950.pdf83.68 KB
Father Serra’s Birthplace 11-10-1950 11-10-1950.pdf80.88 KB
Fr. Serra Writes 08-18-1950 8-18-1950.pdf81.88 KB
Wedding Journey 04-12-1961 4-12-1961.pdf80.99 KB
A Tent In Carmel 04-14-1961 4-14-1961.pdf78.52 KB
Peninsula Garden Club 04-20-1961 4-20-1961.pdf80.78 KB
Adobe on Alvarado Street 04-21-1961 4-21-1961.pdf77.89 KB
Antique Bronze Anchor 04-24-1961 4-24-1961.pdf80.65 KB
Off The Coast Of Monterey 04-27-1961 4-27-1961.pdf81.43 KB
Historian Of The West 05-01-1961 5-1-1961.pdf80.73 KB
Historic Gifts 05-10-1961 5-10-1961.pdf78.75 KB
Casa Serrano Furnishings 05-12-1961 5-12-1961.pdf80.47 KB
Historic Tours 05-17-1961 5-17-1961.pdf79.72 KB
Another Historical Landmark 05-24-1961 5-24-1961.pdf80.66 KB
Planting An Oak Tree 05-26-1961 5-26-1961.pdf80.56 KB
Rare Books Presented to History And Art Ass’n 05-29-1961 5-29-1961.pdf80.34 KB
California’s First Theater 05-31-1961 5-31-1961.pdf79.63 KB
A Tourist’s View Of The Peninsula 06-02-1961 6-2-1961.pdf82.02 KB
Whaling In Monterey Bay 06-05-1961 6-5-1961.pdf82.45 KB
A Sawmill Operator 06-07-1961 6-7-1961.pdf81.59 KB
Cottages On Tyler Street 06-09-1961 6-9-1961.pdf78.74 KB
First Cattle Drive 06-12-1961 6-12-1961.pdf82.28 KB
The Monterey Seal 06-14-1961 6-14-1961.pdf80.75 KB